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Logic 9 EXS24 - Select Group By/Insian Shehnai Oboe

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by qrt, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. qrt

    qrt Member

    I saw the EXS24 video, I thought it was excellent and well delivered from you Eli. It cleared a lot up for me, as delving into the samples in the editor was something I didn't do often.

    On the Indian Shehnai Oboe (which was used in the Using Velocity Layers video) I noticed that if you pressed fast/hard enough you get this distinct wow wow kind of sound.

    When this is pressed the groups - 3.Shehnai Finger Pick, 4.b Shehnai short and 4.a Shehnai short are highlighted. I'm assuming the difference here is the 3.Shehnai Finger Pick (because if you press it any softer it is not highlighted, Under Vel. Range (Groups) it has 124 - 127 for the Shehnai Finger Pick).

    In the last video Crossfading and Keyswitching it goes in to keyswitching and using notes to keyswitch between groups under Select Group By. I noticed that on the Indian Shehnai Oboe under Select Group By it had

    (Type) (No.) (Group) (for some reason these aren't aligned, when posted)
    3. Shehnai Finger Pick - Control, No 1,
    4b. Shehnai Short - Group, 4.a Shenai
    4a. Shehnai Short - Group

    What I was wondering, what's actually going on above? I fully understood the Crossfading and Keyswitching video when it was about Notes for switching groups. Though here it has control and then No 1 for Shehnai Finger Pick, how does this affect the Shehnai Finger Pick group in anyway?

    Also you have 4.a Shenai in the group column in the 4b. Shehnai Short row?

    I read page 294 on the instruments manual, it didn't really go into it.

  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Thanks so much; glad you liked them!

    I've enclosed a screen shot of the relevant parameters. You'll see that there is a zone with vibrato that only gets triggered at the higher velocities.

    You've stumbled into the deep dark powerful realm of the EXS 24 key switching capabilities. In addition to key switching by notes, you can use other MIDI message; such as CC messages. So, in the this case CC1 is used to select those groups.

    But where it really gets interesting (and complex) is when you can actually have another group itself act as the control source for selecting a group. So, according to the parameters in this screen shot, triggering group 4a will automatically select group 4b.


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  4. qrt

    qrt Member

  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Vibrato also gets triggered in the upper velocities. It's possible for more than one layer to be triggered at a time.
  6. qrt

    qrt Member

    I see what you're saying.

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