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Logic 9 External instruments will Not record......

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by market, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. market

    market New Member

    I'm running Logic express 9 v.9.1.7

    When i create an external instrument and try to record via an Audiobox audio interface (USB) it does not record......
    The signal is getting through to my speakers
    and it will record into Garageband......

    why is this not a simple process...

  3. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    There are two types of signal at stake here: MIDI and Audio.
    Both treated separately by Logic (like in Garageband).
    You would create an external MIDI instrument track in order to record and/or playback what you played on your external hardware MIDI synth.
    This would appear as a green rectangle on that track, called a region.
    A MIDI region.
    A MIDI region does not emit any sound by itself.
    MIDI data are only triggers that the connected gear would respond to by emitting the sound.
    In Logic, connected gear could be an External MIDI Instrument or a Virtual Instrument (or AU plugin). Virtual Instrument track are distinct but responds to the same MIDI data.
    In order to record the audio ouput from your external hardware synth, you have to create an Audio track.
    The audio coming from you external hardware synth (via your AudioBox interface) has to be (virtually) connected to the I/O of that newly created Audio track.
    Clic-hold the I/O square in the channelstrip, there should appear the list of what is coming from your AudioBox interface.
    Select the proper audio bus.
    The channelstrip meter should now move up if sound is coming in (providing that you had set record-enable or input-monitoring button (R) or (I) in Logic (and that you have setup the other audio parameters properly (in Logic Preferences and Project Settings, in your Mac Audio-MIDI Setup, in your Audiobox interface).

    Note: the tracks (MIDI or Audio) have to be record-enabled in order to record something!
    Doing a recording now should result in an Audio track (with a blue rectangle/audio region on it) and the MIDI track (with the green rectangle/MIDI region on it).
    Logic is a pro level software that allows huge amount of musical prowesses. Its flexibility yield an outstanding creativity span and addresses an impressive amount of musical creation, (post-)production, notation, publication, and what-not issue and quests... Garageband is a kid's toy compared to Logic. However, the downside of all this is that Logic's learning curve is among the steepest ones. Consider the literally thousands of pages its manuals contain, which merely scratch the surface of what it can do! However, you dont need to master or even know every bit of it to obtain great results. On the other hand, taking the time to read only the part of the instruction you find interesting and experiment is definitely making you a winner!
  4. market

    market New Member

    Thanks Atlas

    will try what you suggest

    I can already record the out put from my Synth/Guitar through the Audiobox interface but not as a USB signal...... only by audio out and audio into the Mac on an Audio track.

    It would seem that despite the complexities and wonderful possibilities that Logic has..... simply being able to record an audio output converted to a USB signal easily would be a good idea....... Odd that i could do this with Garagebard but not in Logic......

    By the way....I rang Apple to see if they could help me but as they no longer market Logic Express they were distinctly unhelpful saying that as they no longer sell Logic Express 9 they won't do phone support for the product.........!
  5. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    I know this one comes late, but if you intend to use only one MIDI channel, you could use an External Instrument plugin on a Virtual Instrument track, then you could set up both connections (MIDI and Audio) from that plugin parameters...

    BTW, USB (Universal Serial Bus), (to keep it simple) is just a type of cable through which travels digital data (either audio and/or MIDI)... It is something similar to FireWire...

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