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Logic 9 External midi devices bank select (msb lsb)

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Prof membrane, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Prof membrane

    Prof membrane New Member

    I have an iMac quad 2.93 intel running on 10.6.8 and using logic pro 9.1.5

    I am connecting my Waldorf Microwave II, Emu Audity 2000, Yamaha FS1R Korg Karma, Clavia Nord Lead and Korg Karma through A MOTU midi timepiece AV and a Waldorf Blofeld via USB. Audio/MIDI setup tests all units as connected and working. Additionally, all units were tested and working in Logic 9.1.5....until recently

    The issue I am having is that while the Microwave II and blofeld are receiving MIDI bank select messages as expected, the FS1R will change patches but not banks and the Audity will change banks and patches but those changes are applied to each of its 16 MIDI channels (effectively reducing a 16 part multitimbral device to a 1 channel device). This was not always the case and only manifested on these two units after selecting them in the environment window and adding patch names (copy/Paste from text files exported by librarian my program). I prefer having patch names to work with but after deleting the objects out of the environment (FS1R and Audity) and creating new ones, the problem persists.

    I have done a fair bunch of reading to work these issues out but am finding no relevant information. Does any one have an idea of where to begin getting this setup working again? Please let me know if there is any more details I can provide if the above is too vague

  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Sounds like a hardware issue to me. If your synth is setup to receive a multi channel patch change, there's nothing Logic can do about that. And if it did work before, try this: go back to an earlier session and see if the behavior has changed. If it works like it used to, Logic is the issue, and it might be the order it's sending out the midi bank/patch changes. If it works like it currently is (the behavior is not what you remember it to be) something has changed in your hardware.

    Can you also double check in cubase? The only way to be sure is to try using more than one thing to achieve the result: does it work from an old session VS new one, does it work in Cubase but not Logic. These answers will give you some kind of an idea who is causing the issue.
  4. Prof membrane

    Prof membrane New Member


    Thank you for your informative reply. I do not have another DAW to trouble shoot with but I did open older logic sessions and noted that these two devices are not functioning properly. I will reread the manuals for these devices to see which settings might have changed.

    Thanks again
  5. Prof membrane

    Prof membrane New Member

    Some progress. The Audity 2000 was not in multi mode but had instead been switched to omni mode. I'll have to puzzle out how and why that happened at a later time. The FS1R seems to be switching "performance" banks instead of "patch" banks. That is an internal setting issue on the FS1R and one I've had no luck in rectifying. If anyone has any insight into the FS1R bank select settings I'd be glad for the advice but otherwise I'd like to thank George again for the trouble shooting help!
  6. Prof membrane

    Prof membrane New Member

    OK final post on the subject for the time being. The FS1R bank select issue has a work around that doubles as as a big plus. I found this link on a blog for a yamaha FS1R OSX fully functional editor which will allow me to select the voice parts I've been trying to access as well as edit them. It's not as convenient as selecting the patches by name in logic but it will do for now. I have a link for any other FS1R owners who haven"t discovered this editor. Not sure about outside link posting rules here though.

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