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Logic 9 External Midi Devices/Patch lists

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by mikeceezy, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. mikeceezy

    mikeceezy New Member

    I know this might be a archaic request but I'm switching from DP7 To Logic 9 and I still use External Keyboards i.e. Motif ES8, Triton-Rack, Fantom G7 and that of course the soft synths are cool in Logic 9, I still like to use my kids (Motif/Triton etc...) . Is there a easy way to import the patch lists from these instruments into Logic 9 without having a doctorate degree using the environment window (which is very confusing to me)? I'm used to just plugging up the boards and the DAW finding what I'm using saving me time so I can be more productive creating and less time debugging. :brkwl:

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)

    Btw Logic 9 Rocks!! Just would be nice to be able to use outside keyboards/sound modules/different textures.......
  3. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to Logic! And I'm with you—every production of mine uses my hardware babies, my Prophet '08, Mopho, and Access Virus. I agree that the Logic synths are fantastic, but at the same times, sometimes you just want that special something that those good old hardware instruments offer. :thmbup:

    Well, there's bad news, and semi-not-so-bad news. ;) The bad news is that with Logic, I'm afraid you're going to have to do some manual setup to get your patch names in. There is no automatic support.

    However, it's not quite as hard as you think. You can paste text into the Instrument and Multi-Instrument objects in the Environment. So let's say you have a MIDI instrument with 128 patches, and you want those patch names to appear as options when you pull up your MIDI instrument. You can:
    1. Open a text file with the names (in order) of the 128 patches
    2. Copy the list
    3. In Logic's Environment, select New > Multi-Instrument
    4. Paste the contents of the clipboard (the names from the open text file)

    Then when you want to use your MIDI instrument, you would create an External MIDI track, select the Multi-Instrument you created, and you'll be able to select from among your pasted patch names—I believe in the Library media window also, but if not, definitely in the Environment window. I should warn you, I haven't done this since Logic 5, but that's the basic procedure. My apologies if I goofed, but this should get you started!

    Obviously, if your instrument has multiple banks, you'll need to paste each bank in separately.

    One thing about using external instruments in Logic is that I absolutely love the External Instrument software instrument in Logic! This instrument lets me use hardware MIDI just like a plug-in: it lets you send MIDI out to your instrument and receive the audio back from the same track. There isn't a mutli-output version of the External Instrument, so this really is only suited for mono or stereo instruments, but give it a try, it might work for you and be very simple—and it still uses the Multi-Instrument you create in the Environment, so it should work with all your patch management, too!

    I think you'll find that Logic works incredibly well with your external instruments, but patch management is not it's strong suit.

    Hope that helps,
  4. mikeceezy

    mikeceezy New Member

    Thanx Very Much!!! Thank goodness it's Presidents Day I'll have some extra time to get it together! :)

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