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Logic 9 External MIDI environments

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by djstyles, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. djstyles

    djstyles New Member

    Hello there, I recently lost some of my data (nightmare) mainly recent projects, templates and environments. Has anybody got any the external MIDI environments which have the patches names for the

    1. Nord Lead 2
    2. Roland JP8080
    3. Novation Supernova II
    4. Waldorf Pulse

    Would be much appreciated, I remember downloading a .zip full of them off here a while ago thanks Paul
  3. jimmy2mac

    jimmy2mac New Member

    hey paul sorry i cant help you but maybe you can help me i have waldorf blofeld and cant get it to work as a external midi through logic, any ideas would love to hear back from you
    regards james
  4. djstyles

    djstyles New Member

    Hello mate, nice synth you have bought there, instead me typing about it watch these youtube videos it comes in three parts helped me loads when I first started using external hardware.


    If you still having problems give me a shout again mate :)
  5. jimmy2mac

    jimmy2mac New Member

    Hey, yeah I watched all they videos last night and followed everything he said and I couldn't get it to work. It was driving me mad. Any tips or that you've got I'm all ears.
    Regards James.
  6. djstyles

    djstyles New Member

    hmmm. what is actually chapping? when you play MIDI notes is it showing up on your synth as receving MIDI information? You have got the synth set up right?


    Audio Out 1+2 from your synth going into Input 1+2 of your audio interface.

    MIDI out of your synth going into MIDI input of your audio interface.

    MIDI in of your synth recieving its signal from MIDI output of your audio interface.

    Make sure your audio and MIDI settings are correct in Utilities on the MACHD.

    Make sure your synth is on a patch not demo song etc.

    Apart from that I do not understand why it would not play if you followed them videos to a T, possibly changed the leads get back to me if still no luck and il have anther think.
  7. jimmy2mac

    jimmy2mac New Member

    cheers i'll give it a try and let you know how i get on, again cheers james
  8. jimmy2mac

    jimmy2mac New Member

    hi there i have audio 1&2 from my synth going to my input on my audio interface
    and i just have a usb going from my synth to my mac,
    when i play the keys when i have it on external midi i see key changes on logic just no sound, do you think i need midi from my synth to midi on my audio interface?
    cheers for your time james
  9. djstyles

    djstyles New Member

    Have you set up an auxiliary channel with the input set to 1+2 (that's if your synth is routed to input one and two on your interface).

    You need MIDI out from your synth going into the MIDI in of your interface and MIDI in coming from MIDI out of your interface, it sounds like you already have MIDI set up correctly though.

    Try setting the aux up and that should slove your problems.
  10. jimmy2mac

    jimmy2mac New Member

    sorry im maybe being dumb here but my heads in knots how do i do that

    sorry if i wasting your time

    cheers james
  11. djstyles

    djstyles New Member

    Go into your mixer go on the 'options' tab chose 'create new auxiliary channel strip' on the input of that channel strip chose input 1 and 2.
  12. jimmy2mac

    jimmy2mac New Member

    yeah done that mate and still no joy feel like im going to crack up,

    do you think if i get the midi in and out instead of the usb cable it will work?

    thanks again james
  13. jimmy2mac

    jimmy2mac New Member

    got it working mate cheers for the time


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