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Logic X Extracting surround sound audio from mp4?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Nicholos, Aug 16, 2016.

  1. Nicholos

    Nicholos New Member

    Hi there - I don't usually work with surround sound so excuse me if I am asking dumb questions (I have googled this one to death with no luck). I have extracted an mp4 file from a DVD (using the Cisdem video converter). It appears to have translated correctly with 6 audio tracks (according to Ctrl+I, the info pane). However, when I drop it on to a (surround sound) audio track in Logic, it extracts a *stereo* audio file, and *not* a surround sound file...that said, I am not sure what the latter would look like?! As noted, this is a one off task I am trying. I have Soundflower 64 channel installed, so the system should think it is in surround sound mode?

    So, any suggestions? Ultimately I am trying to extract the 6 component audio files, i.e. to bounce each one separately (I think I can do this in a clunky way bu using Multichannel Gain and simply zeroing 5 out of the 6).


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