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Logic 8 extremely slow navigation in logic 8

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by serverxyz, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. serverxyz

    serverxyz New Member

    hi all
    we are just moving to logic 8 from logic 7 now.
    we have huge songs. 150 tracks, 30 instraments etc...
    we work on dual g5 powerpc 2.5's
    navigation in the arrange window is horrificly slower.
    it appears one of the main culprits is having alot of small regions, ie single drum hits etc....
    if we glue them the program speeds up.
    are there any smart work arounds other than being forced to buy new macs?
    would buying faster video cards do the trick?
    or are there settings that would help.
    we could really use some advice from people who work with alot of tracks
    with similar machines who logic 8 is working as well or better etc...
    thanks in advance to all on the lug !!
  3. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

    Unfortunately, since the Logic 8 GUI has a lot more elements to it (dual channel strips, editor pane, etc), it simply isn't as snappy as Logic 7. As you found, the bigger the song/more regions, the more it slows down.

    Make sure you're using the latest version of Logic 8 (8.0.2). It's a bit faster than 8.0.

    Other than that, a faster graphics card will help, but not by much. Very little of the interface is offloaded to the graphics card. The interface is more responsive on Intel-based Macs than PowerPC-based Macs, but that of course requires a new computer.

  4. leytonnz

    leytonnz Senior member

    i concur that when i first moved to 8 on a 2x2 G5 the graphics performance slowed down..
    8.0.2 did help a tiny bit, and recent leopard version...but i cant help more than that..
  5. serverxyz

    serverxyz New Member

    logic 8 on new mac?

    Just switched to logic 8 from logic 7.
    Horrificly slow on a dual g5 2.5..., essentially useless
    for the size of our tracks.
    Does logic 8 function as smoothly as logic 7 with a new machine?
    The shortcut improvements seem great, but does the program actually
    work as smoothly. Even when we put a song with just a few tracks, the screen redraw is impossibly slow, the scroll wheel hesitates and is clunky, really basic things barely work. I understand how apple misleads with it's minimum requirements and forget to mention that on a g5 it will
    not function smoothly at all. Or that it might work smoothly on a g5 if your "songs" contained 2 tracks and one synth or if you wanted to use it to play itunes. Anyway, sorry to complain, just feel the forced apple obsolesence again etc....and not exited to spend a few thousand dollars
    if the program really doesn't run as smooth or much smoother than logic seven etc....
    Thanks in advance for your advice!
  6. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    I'm curious how big your sessions are. I'm using a G5 2x2 with 8.0.2 and OS 10.4.11. I do get some problems when I'm working on a large (for me anyway) session but I rarely do over 30 - 40 tracks. No problems to the degree you're describing, especially with just a few tracks. The exception is when I load up with software instruments and/or CPU pig plug-ins. But that was a problem in 7.x as well.

    I didn't feel the transition for 7.x to 8.x was that brutal as far as computer response. (That said, I'm upgrading to a new tower in the next month or two - it's definitely time.)

    How much RAM do you have? More than one hard drive? OS version?
  7. KentKingery

    KentKingery New Member

    I'm also running a dual 2GHz G5 (4GB of memory) with 8.0.2 and 10.4.11, and I have none of the problems you describe. I tend to buss all my effects, usually render instruments to audio fairly early in the process, and so forth. But I still have some projects that are approaching 50 tracks with very little issue.

    More details would be helpful, but I think it's safe to say that a new Mac Pro is obviously going to give you better performance. However, you should still be getting decent performance even on a dual G5.

  8. Alan Branch

    Alan Branch Logic Samurai

    Forget running 8 on a G5, I upgraded as I simply couldn't work that slow, esp on huge songs, It's better on a Mac Pro but not fantastic as 7, then again 7 isn't as good as the old Windows 5.5, weird how over the years they can make it go slower as the computer gets faster!!
  9. Alan Branch

    Alan Branch Logic Samurai

    this is a double thread, see the replies on the other thread.
    Admins please combine these or delete one..
  10. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Done - thanks for the heads up, Alan :)

    @server xyz - you will most likely find a big difference in performance between your g5 (possibly a 2003 - 2004 model) and the current intel Macs, but, as already requested, you should provide more information as to the size and nature of your sessions. FWIW, I switched from a G5 2 x 2.5 2004 model to the original 2007 8 Core, the difference running Logic 8 was huge.

    kind regards

  11. orjankarlsson

    orjankarlsson Member

    Just face the music, you've got a vintage mac, so don't expect to much out of Logic 8 :)
  12. Alan Branch

    Alan Branch Logic Samurai

    well today I booted Logic 7 on my 8 core to see if that would import an AAF file that wasn't working in 8, and the speed difference was huge..I even liked the graphics , just for a second I wondered why did I change, only for second mind as I remembered all the things I would miss from 8:)
  13. leytonnz

    leytonnz Senior member

    do we think snow leopard and 64bit logic 9 will see an increase in response?
  14. maxim

    maxim New Member

    Happens full on here on a Quadcore with 9 GB RAM and OS 10.4.11. Not only slow redraws and overall reaction (when you press "c" some 2 bars before the loop end it will not exit loop mode and on the screen sometimes you can see a scrambled image on the timeline which goes away only by pressing stop.

    What is this ?

    Never happened in any Logic version before even on loaden project. Those played with 95% processor load stable and still responsed to key commands.

    Apple please please fix this !!!!

  15. Sorry, but all this has got absolutely nothing to do with the age of a G5, the graphic card or anything else. It has all to do with Logic 8 doing something wrong when it comes to displaying lots of regions and/or waveforms.
    I don't suspect the higher amount of GUI elements to be the culprit, either, as you can even watch the same effect on an arrange page with nothing else shown (channel strips, transport bar, top menu, etc).
    No matter how one puts it, there's something pretty much wrong with Logic 8 in this aspect.
    Even my Logic 5 for Windows is displaying the same content of regions quicker.

    - Sascha
  16. LOL, yeah. As if they would. The last mini update is celebrating it's first birthday in May.
    So we better get used to this unresponsive behaviour.

    - Sascha
  17. serverxyz

    serverxyz New Member

    Thanks everyone for your help!

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