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Logic 9 FCB 1010 Help

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by spacequest, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. spacequest

    spacequest New Member

    I'm sorry because i open another theme for behringer bfc1010 foot controller, i was afraid that nobody will look to old threat ...:redface:
    But I need some answers.

    I'm using fcb1010 to turn guitar effects on and off.
    I use midi learn function in logic. Everything working great except that led diode on FCB1010 is not synhronized with logic pedals(leds).
    I don't know where is problem.(I put midi in and out cable in the fcb1010)

    When I put distorsion on on bank00-program1 and delay bank00-program2 - only one led is shining-last one function on

    I want use behringer 1010 live. I must see which effects i turn on-
    on BFC1010.

    Is that possible?
    Please help me.

    Thank You Very Much
  3. WrinklyD

    WrinklyD Member

    I'm probably not the best person to give you advice as I'm new to using Logic with the FCB1010. However I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to get my head round how the FCB works. So here's my thoughts:
    1) Are you using the UnO chip?
    2) If so have you activated Stompbox mode?
    If your using a "standard" FCB (non UnO) the behaviour you describe is what I'd expect. The presets (foot switches) send the Midi messages you've programmed them to send and they are transmitted when the FS is depressed. When the next FS is pressed (perhaps activating another effect in Logic's Pedal Board) its led lights and the previous one extinguishes. However the effect in Pedal Board, that the first foot switch activated, will not deactivate unless a Midi message has been transmitted to turn it off as part of the second FS's Midi message. If you want (say) both Pedal Board effects to remain on and the FCB to mirror that in the Foot Switch leds you need "Stompbox Mode" which is one of the main features of the UnO chip. I think the standard FCB can emulate "Stompbox" behaviour but as I use the UnO version I can't help you with how to program it. Check out the attached document which I found during my research it may help - it's for a standard FCB vers.2.1.
    If your using the UnO you need to set the "Stompbox" mode which allows for the FS leds to remain lit as long as the SB is active.

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  4. spacequest

    spacequest New Member

    Thank You WrinklyD.
    1.) I dont know which cip is in...ifCB is not working with my FCB1010
    2.) Thank you for pdf..I'm checking it. I thought that this will be simplier:)

    Thanx a lot

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