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Logic 8 Filter mapping

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by cdub, May 17, 2010.

  1. cdub

    cdub New Member

    I'm trying to map a high pass filter to a single knob through the controller assignments function. I want multiple instruments to be controlled by the same knob so the filter can be the same value for each track as i turn it. Any ideas?

    Also curious to know simply how to find the high pass filter's other functions...meaning change the 'remove bass' function to and from something else if thats possible. I'm not real good with Macs--i bought it for logic :smashscreen:

    I appreciate any help, thanks! :)
  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    If all instruments should get the same filtering, the most convient way is to route them all to a single Aux and insert one filter there.

    If this is not what you want, you can increase the number of allowed parameters for the Controller Assignments and map all filters to one knob. But be aware that this may not work as you expect. If you move one "software knob" with your mouse or by automation, the filters will react differently when you again turn the hardware knob.

    If this is also not what you want, you can do the whole thing in the environment with almost any MIDI processing you can imagine. Can be a lot of work though.

    Which high pass filter do you mean and what is a "remove bass" function?

    According to the emoticon you rather bought a Mac because you turned red after you saw the blue screen :)
  4. cdub

    cdub New Member

    thanks so much for your help! I would have quoted what im responding to but i couldnt figure that out. First forum ive joined.

    Since ive never really worked with routing things to Aux channels or the environment, im having a hard time getting it routed :/ I tried the method you taught me a while back where i use controller assignments, click the paramater im mapping, then move the physical knob. Always works great, but ive tried two things. I tried mapping the drum high pass filter to one knob and the synth to another, but both ended up controlling the same instrument. I tried to map it to one through the methd i mentioned above, and that still didnt work. However, i dont exactly know what most of the options mean (above the Learn Mode button).

    the high pass filter im using/would like to use is just the insert under Chan Eq; Single Band. When iattached it to a drum kit, it has the function of 'remove bass' and when i put it on a synth it said default. yet the arrows and drop menu dont show any options.
  5. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    You hit the "quote" button right under the post you want to answer. Then all the existing text appears between two "tags" in brackets. You delete what you don't want to quote, to make the text as short as possible but still understandable.

    You can also copy or write the quote tags yourself wherever you need some. Before you submit your own post, check with the "Preview Post" button if you got everything right.


    You should not need the options if your controller isn't sending some unusable stuff or for special tasks. But for the Controller Assignments you need a little training. Otherwise you can easily mess things up. But you can delete the mappings and start again of course.

    But you should look at the options in the upper half of the options palette. It makes a difference if you select "Selected channelstrip", "Fader bank" or "Index". Best is to map something like pan on a couple of channelstrips and learn about the behavior.

    If you have a knob mapped to one parameter and try to map the same knob to another parameter, Logic asks you if it should replace or keep the old mapping. You want to keep it. Then the knob controls both parameters at once.

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