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Logic 9 Finding EXS Instmts Installs

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Nuevo, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    Hello, I recently installed LP 9, MP Quad...I work on a G5 w/7.2.3, so this is new to me..

    I installed 9, messed w/it..I see a lot of familiar things..but I installed my 1st samples today..Project Sam True Strike 1 and 2..These are EXS24 instruments as many of you know..

    I put the program on Drive 1 sample folders on HD 2..In the old days, yesterday, on the G5, I simply open exs, look and TS 1 and 2 are listed in the instrument pane...no such luck in LP9..I dloaded their new installer, install went w/out a hitch...but no TS stuff listed in EXS...

    Its probably me, as I may have to tell Logic where to find the samples...if thats the case..how do I do that? I didnt have to do that w/7, they just appeared, so excuse my dumbness..

    Also, when I open AU validator..there are only FX listed..is that normal?

    Thank you for the help, and again, excuse dummy..looks like there are quite a few things different in 9, but Im trying.

  3. Nuevo

    Nuevo Member

    Ok, so anyway...I moved the samples back to HDD1, user/name etc...
    Now they are listed in EXS when I open and they work fine...only problem I have now is that EXS is telling me they are in 2 locations when I clik on an instrument...but I will figure that out also...

    Funny thing is that the samples are duplicated within the folder..have to check my notes as I had that problem on LP7 w/Sam stuff..

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