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finer automation resolution for AU and TDM plug-ins

Discussion in 'Logic Wishlist' started by tigerman, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    I would like to have more resolution for automations of no-logic plug-ins, AU and TDM.
    some examples?
    -in reaktor 5 i have only 100 resolution for a knob, even if i've setted up for example 500 steps (and mouse resolution to 500) in my reaktor knob options. In Ableton Reaktor 5 knob resolution is based on knob options, like it should be.
    -in SCI-FI tdm i have a very limited resolution, for example it goes from 0hz to 22hz, if i use it in ProTools i get steps at every hertz in low frequencies, like it should be!!

    Both Pro-tools and Ableton has finer resolution for plug-ins, basically resolution is dynamic and it's adapted depending on plug-in knobs

    In logic (third party plug-ins) is fixed and is really low, in some cases is even lower than a midi cc (less than 127 steps).

    Pro-tools in addiction draws a green rectangle around the automated plug-in knob to let you see better where you're working on, really useful!!(maybe also ableton? haven't noticed it, i don't use/have ableton)

    Keeping CTRL pressed does NOT help.

    Pro Tools has a "free hand" option for drawing automations, that is quite useful sometimes, basically we can do it aswell in logic with some tricks (using hyperdraw) but with a low resolution as converting automations to events lowers the resoluton to 127.

    We are still in the same situation of Logic 5 for third party plug-ins automation :/

    Well, no, curves are newer, but it doesn't have much sense to be able to do curves in third party plugs with a so low resolution, they works only when you use the entire knob range.

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