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Logic 8 Fix project at wrong sample

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by jony sonic, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. jony sonic

    jony sonic New Member

    Working in LOGIC and started automation mixing/editing on a 16track project.
    After several hours work, I realized I'm working a 48k set of tracks at 44k.

    Set the system to run at 48k and Voila: all my automation marks stay at the exact TIME LINE places I put them, but the audio is now, of course, SHORTER by roughly 10% overall and the moves are progressively farther down the line than they need to be.
    I can of course manually move them all to where they need to be, but anybody know (or know where to point me) for a way to do it with one magic move?

    Even further manglement.
    This is a live set with 8 musicians, One mic per performer, where 3 of them player/singers where, say, a violinist wil play some parts of a song and sing others, never both at once. On top of that, these 3 are also doing the musical-chair thing at various points in the concert. To make sense of this in mixing I sliced up each performer's linear track into a VOCAL track and an INSTRUMENT track for each of them and moved the sections to dedicated tracks, sometimes making a checkerboard of a song over those 3 tracks.

    Now I find that changing the project sample rate from 44 to 48k (as the tracks were recorded) not only un-synchs the automation moves, but , any place a sliced audio segment happens, it gets out synch as well.

    I'm thinking I have to face it that I've lost the day and need to start again: New project at 48k, then copying all settings, EQ's and automation moves by hand in a whole new thing.

  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Try copying all track automation to region based automation, and then locking the regions before switching the sample rate.

    Again, try smpte locking all the regions before you change the sample rate. it _should_ work.

    If you do have to start over again, it might be good to try and upgrade to Logic 9 before doing it, if you can afford it. That way you can use the track import function. You could basically import all the tracks, region data, plug-in settings, and I think even automation (I don't have Logic open at the moment).
  4. jony sonic

    jony sonic New Member

    Eli, thanks for that. I've been at this so long I oughta be REAL good at this but... the more i learn, the more I don;t know. Life!
    Probably more questions on this...

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