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Free Classical Music

Discussion in 'The LUG Lounge' started by Marco Bernardo, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Marco Bernardo

    Marco Bernardo New Member

    Does anyone knows where I can find real Free from copyrights of Classical Music?


  3. Marco Bernardo

    Marco Bernardo New Member

    I've found this sites, they seem fine.


    now i'm in trouble... what to choose to a political statement (around 3/6minutes).

    They want only one song and copyright free.

    I'm starting to be pissed off about this kind of clients, want everything without paying nothing...

    I've listen a bunch of musics, but none with the right fit to the picture.

    Anyone could shoot some composer names to search if they are in the copyright free...

    They want a dynamic music with crescendo and the final with the usual final boooooom...

    The producer of this sucks as hell, he put me doing all this by myself...

    I don't live in a real world, where the producers are organized and they know how to do the job....

    I only have the video and the voice overs....

    help please, anyone... with suggestions, critics, etc...etc...


  4. crazzycat

    crazzycat New Member

    thanks for your links!

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