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Free floating piano-roll always on top

Discussion in 'Logic Wishlist' started by Ming, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Ming

    Ming Member

    I thought the purpose of the new rip-off piano-roll from the drawer was to make a piano-roll that could float on top always and possible to line up at the channel-strip with it's useful content and skip the track-header that steals territory, but this was not the case. When I use the parameters in the channel-strip with a floating piano-roll, it will disappear like the normal one from the menu. (Actually I haven't been able to figure out the purpose of that new window). To have the channel-strip with it's parameters lined up at the piano-roll would make sense to me though, very useful so I wish for that.

    ..Or is it possible to make the piano-roll always stay and float on top?
    I managed to get the menu piano-roll to show the content of one track and the drawer piano-roll to show content of another simultaneously (2 piano-rolls) and edit and make us of 2 kinds of piano-rolls, but that was not so easy and hardly the intention of the programmer.
  3. Rounik

    Rounik Member

  4. Ming

    Ming Member

    That afloat works just great, as if built-in. On a 13" laptop with it's limited space? it's perfect without the track-header. Now I've got the full piano-roll perfectly aligned to the channel-strip with all parameters, FX's and instruments. I wanted that for a long time and now I've got it. Thanks Rounik and ..stay healthy:)
  5. Rounik

    Rounik Member

    I hear you!! I love it so much too. I hope the Logic developers reinstate the ability to make any editing window a floating window in a future version of Logic... in the meantime this works great.. and not only for Logic !!


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