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Free Logic Pro Apple event

Discussion in 'Services offered' started by liquid_news, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. liquid_news

    liquid_news New Member

    I'm just posting to let members know about a free Logic Pro masterclass at the Apple Store in London later this month:

    Apple Made-On-A-Mac Masterclass with Grammy-award winning producer Kipper & producer/musician Phil Taylor

    Regents Street, London, Tuesday 27th April, 3 - 5pm

    Grammy-award winning producer Kipper will take attendees through an entertaining journey explaining how he works creatively with Logic Pro to create music for artists such as Sting and James Morrison.

    The masterclass opens with a performance of the Sting track '1000 Years', co-written and produced by Kipper, with the creative journey explained using the original recordings and including never-heard content discarded in the creative process (including a recording by the London Symphony Orchestra).

    Other topics covered include composing for filmmaking in Logic, internet recording, remixing and backup.

    The class is highly revealing and entertaining, with live performances by Kipper and Phil including a track especially written for the class. Along the way you will learn how award-winning producers work both creatively and technically with invaluable advice and tips for any aspiring or established producer, musician or recording engineer.


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