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Free Logic Pro lessons tutorials for beginners (hd video)

Discussion in 'Services offered' started by dancetech, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. dancetech

    dancetech New Member

    As the title says, 100% free tutorials on youtube in 720 HD if you can stream it - 4th chapter now online

    Hopefully this is ok to post as it is free, so not product-spam

    chapter-1 - Arrange-Page-1 - General introduction to Logic Pro. The Arrange-Page layout, design and workflow, grid, snap & drag menus etc

    chapter-2 - Arrange-Page-2 - General introduction to Logic Pro. The Arrange-Page continued, including Key-Commands & more tweaks and tips etc

    chapter-3 - Arrange-Page-3 - General introduction to Logic Pro. The Arrange-Page relationship between the Track-List column (the record tracks), The Inspector Column, The Library Column in the Media Browser and the mixer. Including an explanation of signal flow, Buses, grouping mixer channels, channel strip settings & much much more

    chapter-4 - Piano-Roll Edit - Everything to do with piano-roll edit, including, snap, note manipulations, grid, groove-templates, midi patterns from audio drum-loops, step input programming, quantize, hyperdraw, controller tricks, waveform controller shapes, interaction between hyperdraw & track-automation, arpeggiator and more

    more to come. hope it is useful. cheers
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Great stuff. New Logic users can find allot of answers here.
  4. thuphuong

    thuphuong New Member

    thanks for sharing :D <3 it's very useful
  5. ibarneyb

    ibarneyb New Member

    Thanks for these...really helpful stuff !
  6. Mentalmountain

    Mentalmountain New Member

    Wow, great stuff to begin with. Thank you very VERY Much!
  7. Mangobob79

    Mangobob79 New Member

  8. Dave Reed

    Dave Reed New Member

    Good tutorials. Much appreciated.

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