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From 7 to X

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by songman, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. songman

    songman Member

    Hello all,

    I am still on Logic 7.2.3 with MacOSX 10.6.8 and I am considering upgrading to Logic X and MacOSX10.8.3. What has kept me so long from doing this was that I use for instance Steinberg's Virtual Guitar (which is no longer supported) and I am doubtful that it will work on Logic X. Actually various older stuff I use is:

    Virtual Guitar
    Real Guitar2
    Albino 3.0.2
    Blue 1.7.0
    Predator 1.6.4
    FM8 1.1.1
    Independence 2.5.2
    Korg M1 1.2.1
    Atmosphere with wrapper
    Trilogy with wrapper
    Korg Wavestation 1.2.1

    Any hints as to whether these are still supported and work in Logic X on MacOSX 10.8.3 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Cheers, Bob.
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    32 bit plug-ins aren't supported in Logic X. And many of the ones you listed are older 32 bit versions.

    You have three choices.

    1. Update your plug-ins to newer versions.

    2. Take your chances using third party workarounds to access 32 bit plug-ins in Logic X.

    3. Stay with your current setup.
  4. songman

    songman Member

    Thank you Eli, great info that I did not know!
  5. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    Korg updated their stuff to 64 bit quite a while ago, and is currently testing with Mavericks. There do not appear be any known problems with the M1 or Wavestation.
  6. songman

    songman Member

    Thanks bayswater, another very useful pice of information in this puzzle!
  7. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    A few more bits of info:
    FM8: v1.1.1 works with Logic X, even in Mavericks. There is a known morph bug with this and later versions though, which is apparently fixed in the latest v1.3.0 release.

    Atmosphere and Trilogy:
    The wrapper versions won't work anymore in a higher MacOS. If you want the sounds, you'll need to buy Omnisphere and Trilian, which contain all the old sounds. These won't load in place of Atmosphere or Trilogy, so you'll need to make extensive notes of what sounds you're using. Ideally, bounce all doubtful tracks to audio before upgrading.

    Korg M1 & Wavestation:
    As bayswater said above, these are fine.

    The big thing to be aware of is the OS upgrade to 10.7.x or 10.8.x means you lose all your old PowerPC apps and plugins - these won't work in Lion or above. If you're keeping the same computer, I'd suggest that you make and keep a bootable clone of your current system on a separate drive or partition. Keep this as a "legacy" boot system, in case you need to access old files and apps.

    I've done this to keep SoundDiver alive, as well as other things. It's a drag to reboot, but it beats losing everything.

    Hope this helps….
  8. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Excellent advice!

    In my case, I refurbished a cheap dual boot G4 from ebay in order to have access to my OS9 and earlier files for conversion to some more current file format. My Mac Pro1,1 is now sort of a Rosetta Stone with partitions for Tiger, Lion, SL, on the various 1TB internal drives, with the latest version of Lion as the main OS (running LPX10.0.4:D). It's increasingly rare that I need to go back to an earlier OS, but it's still handy to have that option when needed.

    Well worth the effort.
  9. songman

    songman Member

    Thanks a lot Colin, very valuable information, I'll certainly make a clone of my present drive.

    Cheers, Bob.
  10. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    Dead right. I kept my old G4 for OS9 stuff and I actually do use it from time time. Scary being in OS9 when you know how far things have advanced since then...:eeek:

    Good luck! OS 10.8.x has some great features, as does Logic X, so you'll certainly enjoy them.

    I'd recommend SuperDuper for cloning. It can make bootable clones and has never failed me. Don't rely on a Time Machine backup.
  11. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Senior member

    Also make backups of any custom presets, for instruments and effects.

    I started back on Logic 6, over the years the EXS library has been refined and updated.

    Make a backup of your EXS instruments, and samples for project compatibility.

  12. songman

    songman Member

    Thanks for all the good advice! Have followed up on it!

    Cheers, Bob.
  13. songman

    songman Member

    Just wanted to let all you helpful people know that I have migrated to MacOSX 10.8.4 and Logic X and everything works perfectly:

    Virtual Guitar works via VEPro
    Real Guitar 2 has been upgraded to version 3 and works
    Albino works via VEPro
    Blue works
    Predator works
    FM8 is in my Ultimate v9 collection so works
    Independence works via VEPro
    Korg M1 works
    Atmosphere no longer works but will be replaced by Omnisphere soon
    Trilogy has been replaced with Trillian
    Korg Wavestation works

    Cheers, Bob.
  14. madelefant

    madelefant Senior member

    I downloaded maverick and the new logic to a separate partition on my drive. So I can flip between Maverick/Logic X and , 10.6.8 and 7.2.
    I'm personally wonder what is really 64 bit about it, other than changing the code around to work on 64 machines only.
    Also, I remember all the hoopla in 8 and 9 about making Logic usable from 1 window. Well Logic X is seriously too busy and looks more and more like iMovie, which I hate.
  15. yavuz

    yavuz Senior member

    With 64bit software, you can address a lot more memory where 32bit software is limited like it cannot use you 16GB RAM.

    That is personal of course. I like the new look of Logic Pro X.
    As far as being busy goes, I would advise you to give it sometime.
    There are a lot of improvements since 7.
    We have a great Arpeggiator, stack tracks, a artificial intelligence product drummer, a great retro synth, a melodyne like pitch corrector, if you have iPad you get a free iPad app to use as a remote which I think it works better that most hardware controllers since it is multi-touch. A great sample/loop library, great new inspector and library I cannot remember exactly the improvements from version 7 to 8 and 8 to 9 but even the new features alone that comes with X is worth a lot more than $199.-
    Oh, I almost forgot smart controls in Logic and Smart instruments in iPad app.

    To get a sense of what new arpeggiator and track stacks can do, I would open a film score template and play around with woodwind track stack.
  16. madelefant

    madelefant Senior member

    Thanks for the reply Yavuz. I have been playing with some of the new features and I am definitely impressed with the pitch flex and the drummer tool. One issue I have is it doesn't import screen sets from older versions (7.2 in my case), very well. Of course even when just using different monitor configurations screen sets can get jumbled.

    I also had pitch flex enabled on a track, but hadn't actually made any adjustments to it using the pitch flex points, and it was introducing distortion. Not sure why that is.

    Where has the project manager gone by the way? Seems to me, the project manager of old was potentially a great tool (as of 7.2 it had some weird glitches still). If you are transitioning from older versions you may still have many "projects" not quite organized as you would like, making the project manager useful.
  17. yavuz

    yavuz Senior member

    I would check file browser that has a lot of features. You can get there by either clicking the top right icon in Logic or keyboard shortcut F.

    You can group your files, check your project media files and other things...
    You may like it.

    It looks to me like you have some adjusting to go through since you had to skip to major releases of Logic. Yes there are some bugs and long-time asked features but Logic is quite powerful and ahead of the other DAWs if you ask me.

    I used to do all my tracking in Pro Tools but even that has changed for me.
    I do everything in Logic except I use NI machine for some groove stuff since it is very compact with its hardware.
  18. madelefant

    madelefant Senior member

    I found the browser. What it doesn't do is compile or scan for songs with their associated files and cross links. So i will have to adjust to that. I think that is an example where form (the browser being developed in imovie and itunes) won over funtion.
  19. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Check out the Assets tab of the Project Settings (found under the global File menu). This allows you to consolidate various media related to your project.
  20. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    One of the really helpful features of Logic's now dead Project Manager was being able to re-link EXS24 instruments when the samples could not be found.

    Of course Redmatica's EXSManager was way better and MUCH faster, but Apple bought Redmatica and they haven't given us anything from the deal thus far.

    I'm hoping that Logic 10.1 brings us a few surprises and much-needed improvements to EXS24 from the Redmatica buyout….

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