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Logic 8 Fun (and frustrations) with templates

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by daveyboy, May 17, 2009.

  1. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    Making templates out of pre existing songs is already a tad time consuming in that one has to delete all of the pre existing audio and midi data. So, I made a template using a client's song so we could get a jump on the next song in terms of instrumentation, etc. Well, I had a blank template an started the new project with it. But, everytime I played it i heard the old vocal, all be it a the new slower tempo. But, I didn't have anyaudio tracks or audio files in the project (?). Well, on the previous song I was using my new melodyne plugin. Apparently the plugin was still active in the new song and had the old vocal stored in it. Also thanks to the environment, it was playing even though I didn't have any vocal tracks enabled in the arrange page. Hilarious...All this while my client is there. Took around 30 minutes for me to realize the mistake.

    So, when you guys make your templates are you meticulous in getting rid of any extraneous files and melodyne/autotune left overs? It would be nice if Logic gave you an option to have a blank template as is the norm for DP. Oh well. Live and learn.:thmbup:
  3. ICN

    ICN New Member

    How are things Mate.. Yeah - This has happened to me too.

    I was actually making a new template for myself to work with & made 2 large projects before I realised the mistake. I actually thought the Template file was corrupt! Just my luck!!

    Anyway, I just transferred everything into a couple of new projects & dumped the old ones.

    AFAIK - I think there is actually a blank template or empty project available in the "pre-rolled" Logic Templates, if that helps you out.

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