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"Future version of Logic will be sandboxed" ???

Discussion in 'The LUG Lounge' started by ignatius, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. ignatius

    ignatius New Member

    so, i know.. "the sky is falling!!" yada yada yada.. but.. i read this tweet from Chris Randall, who has no love for logic or AUs, and thought it worth passing on for the thoughts of wise group members here.


    "At some point in the future Logic Pro X will be sandboxed; all Audio Unit plugins and audio hardware will need to be sandbox-safe."

    the above quote is from an email sent to some developers regarding the future of logic. there apparently will be a new logic AU-eval tool (not really a surprise) and some kind of sandboxing of all things associated with logic.

    now, other than presenting some speed bumps (real or imagined) in the road for developers of AUs it could be harmless. just another layer of stuff they will have to deal with.. though i'm sure they don't see it that way as it's probably no joyride.

    the tinfoil hat in me is thinking this is the beginning of the real push towards the app store for plug ins.. but that seems a bit irrational and i'm not sure how that would even be possible w/o putting a bunch of smaller developers over the barrel to the point of them giving up on AUs as a format.

    you'll see in this thread on KVR some other developers chime in (urs) and are taking it as par for the course.



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