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Logic 9 Getting logic and midi to integrate into the studio correctly for my needs...?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Beastie, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Beastie

    Beastie New Member

    Getting logic and midi to integrate into the studio correctly for my needs...?
    HI Guys - I need some help here - with the current studio setup - for a solid workflow...

    I am running logic as a midi sequencer and audio editor..
    The setup is this MAC OSX Leopard on MacPro Quad Core with plenty Ram...
    I am using an RME AES card and have 2 unitors hooked up for midi and sync...

    I am running a 48 track Radar system and a digital console as well...

    Now what i am trying to achieve is a solid sync with SMPTE/MTC to and from RADAR (MTC at 25fps ok?) - so logic and radar can be master or slave when required...
    I am also trying to trigger midi from a controller keyboard to a 1080 then thru to another 1080 - i would like this to run live when logic is not running and if possible when it is running???
    Any idea how to achieve this with stability?
    At the mo i seem to have midi errors/freezin when i try and run it like this?

    Also when recording midi - sometimes logic seems to create a new midi track with the region i just played at the bottom of the arrange - is this a bug?

    Any help gratefully appreciated!

    Thank you

  3. Beastie

    Beastie New Member


    So i have got a unitor to work with the 1080's fine....
    My problem is with the 2nd unitor - it seems to freak the first unitor out?
    I only need the 2nd unitor for MTC to and from Radar.....
    Weird huh?

    Would it be ok to use the MIDI on the RME AES 32 card for MTC i/o to radar and just use one unitor only i am currently having to use a MOTU midi express XT which i am not a fan of!

  4. musiclab

    musiclab Member

    why can't you use the first unitor for tc?
    I lock up a 2" 24 track and logic, is a little different because analog decks require either for the deck to be synced and clocked with black burst or there needs to be a box that will take the tc from the 2" and make word clock out of it. You shouldn't have that issue.
    If your unitor has a tc in that should work, if not then try the rme. BTW I use a motu mtpav and it works fine. What you also might need is a master clock to keep your console,radar and rme all playing nice
  5. Beastie

    Beastie New Member

    Thanks dude - still not sure why its misbehaving...

    We have an antelope OCX-V master clock but i run the RADAR and Logic together using MTC which at the moment seems most reliable with the MOTU and leaving the unitor for midi instruments only at this stage...
  6. musiclab

    musiclab Member

    Well the antelope isn't going to help you with sync but I would think you want all of your digital stuff set to the same clock. I've heard about strange issues with Unitors and Apple has dropped all support for them, I would think the MOTU is the best way to go

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