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Logic 9 Getting Superior Drummer 2 to work in Logic9

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by JasonKalman, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. JasonKalman

    JasonKalman New Member

    Hello all!
    I downloaded superior drummer 9 and can't get it to interface with Logic. I registered the software, but to finish the registration toontrack asks for a computer ID, an ID that you can only get if you can open the software, which I can't even do. :brkwl:
    Any help in how to get Superior Drummer to work with Logic 9 would be much appreciated since Toontrack doesn't provide human tech support.

    I am running the latest Logic9 and Mac OS. I have a MacPro 8-core 8 gig ram.
    thanks in advance! ;)
  3. yore

    yore Member

    Open your Logic in 32 bit mode and you should be able to validate it in Logic and open it from there. I've found Toontrack help very friendly and easy to deal with.
  4. JasonKalman

    JasonKalman New Member


    appreciate the help I was able to successfully open Superior Drummer!

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