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Logic TDM graphic issue with some bombfactories

Discussion in 'Logic TDM' started by tigerman, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    Do you see knobs in BF-76 or Joemeek ?
    i do not see them

    btw fyi i've workarounded it, just load a preset and knobs will be there again.
    Do you have the same issue or am i alone?

    mac pro core i7 + 10.5.8 + logic 9.0.2 + pt 8.0.1

    the sad thing is that it will never be fixed!!!
    i can't upgrade to 10.6
    i can't update logic
    i'm stuck!!!
    i love apple/digi, you make my life better, really!!
  3. doghousenyc

    doghousenyc New Member

    Oh, by the way... Quicker fix for this issue is to hit the 'copy' button, then the 'paste' button.

    I'm sure this is too little too late (by several years) but maybe some poor soul will be researching this in the future.
  4. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    thanks for the quicker workaround, btw in the meantime i've totally abandoned tdm in logic, i'm still using pro-tools stuff, actually i work with both togheter sample accurate synched so i use the best of both and all tdm plug-ins works as expected in Pro-Tools (and i have a proper automation resolution aswell for those, not the crappy 127 steps Logic provides for third party plug-ins).
  5. doghousenyc

    doghousenyc New Member

    Yeah. I'll probably just end up dumping my TDM rig at some point. It's always seemed almost mire trouble than it's worth. 

    I actually noticed you posted that you had found a workaround for soloing TDM mixer channels (and how it's useless when routing to aux channels). I searched but couldn't locate anything but your mention of having found a fix. What's the secret?!

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