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Guitar amp reccomended for using logic & gio

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by Excluded, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Excluded

    Excluded Member

    Just wondering if anyone can reccomend a guitar amp as a line out for logic>gio>amp for small gigs or jamming with a band ?
  3. Hugo Jacquet

    Hugo Jacquet Member

    I think using a guitar amp in that chain is in fact defeating the purpose of the amps in logic. Except if you just want to use the effects (pedal board) in logic.

    The amp sims in Logic already simulate the entire amp. So if you use these, you"should" amplify using a broadband system that is as neutral as possible like a little PA or good keyboard amp or even a dedicated system like the atomic amp range (used by a lot of folks using the AxeFx processor).

    Look at it this way: suppose you created a patch with amp sims and effects and you used headphones to create the patch. When you listen to the results on any fairly neutral system it will sound similar. A guitar amp is not made to be neutral, that is what amp sims mimic...

    Also keep in mins that the input of a guitar amp is not "line level". A guitar amp expects a guitar or stomp boxes or an effects processor that outputs a "guitar level" signal.

  4. Excluded

    Excluded Member

    Thanks heaps Hugo very helpful.
    The atomics look & sound insane.
  5. Hugo Jacquet

    Hugo Jacquet Member

    To be honest: I tried that route before: Line 6 pod X3 into little P.A and other solutions.

    I just returned to the use of a tube amp and effect pedals...

    It is easier to achieve a good live tone with a simple traditional amp setup. If it is for live jamming I think that is the way to go.

    The tones you get "the digital way" through headphones or stereo setup at home do not necessarily translate well to a louder live setting.

    A good lightweight amp for live use is the Fender Blues Junior for example (plenty loud for 15 watts!).

    If money is an issue I would even go with a Roland Cube (I am considering one myself, owning a Blues Junior and a Vox AC15). It all depends of course on the genre you play...These amps hold well in a Blues/ Jazz/ Pop setting. If metal is your taste you better look at elsewhere...

  6. Excluded

    Excluded Member

    Cheers mate I've got a mackie speaker I can have a go through for a start.
    I'd say I mite have to go with your advice in the end as I wrote & play that Radiohead/nirvana grunge style hard rock.
    I was looking at the fender you mentioned although it mite not suit my style.
    I was looking at the Egnaters as well
  7. Hugo Jacquet

    Hugo Jacquet Member

    The Mackie is a good option if you go the ampsim route.

    For your style Egnater or Blackstar is indeed a better option than the Blues Junior if you go for a normal amp.

  8. Excluded

    Excluded Member

    Thanks again Hugo. I found a 1988 peavey 112 combo cheap do ill see how I go.
    Looking to test the gio out through the mackie on the weekend
    Ill keep you posted
  9. Hugo Jacquet

    Hugo Jacquet Member


    Interesting. I am quite new to Logic and am enjoying the amp designer and pedal board in Logic more than I expected.

    I used line6 stuff before during a long time and got fed up with the sound of it (amp farm, X3). I think the Logic amps and effects are better. So I am positively surprised.

  10. Excluded

    Excluded Member

    Yes I'm the same relatively new to logic & mainly a singer but currently working on songs I've written on acoustic & just about to rip into the amps in logic.
    There's a good macprovideo tutorial on the guitar amps which is very helpfull.
    Basicly tells you which amps they are designed off although it is easy from the colours to tell.
    It also tell you about the pedals & how some pedals can have knobs that don't exactly mean the same on each pedal which can cause your output levels through the Roof.
    Hope this helps

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