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Logic X Guitar tracks are stretched.

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by edurbrow, May 16, 2016.

  1. edurbrow

    edurbrow Senior member

    I don't know how I got in this mess. I didn't change sample rates or stretch anything intentionally and the vocal track is in good sync. I wonder if anyone has an idea. I'll most likely just do the guitars over, but I'd like to know for future reference what caused it and what the remedy is. Stuff like this keeps happening in Logic. Things will get way out of whack and I don't know if there is a bug or I accidentally hit some key or what.
    In the screen shot you can see a one bar repeating riff that steadily loses sync.

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  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Can you explain more, can't really tell from the screenshot what the issue is. What, if any, editing took place after recording?
  4. edurbrow

    edurbrow Senior member

    There was no editing other than adding a couple of measures for count-in at the beginning, but I get wrapped up in workflow so my memory is not perfect, but nothing intentional about stretching or moving. If you look carefully at the waveform in the Clean Room track, you can see a clear attack on the first beat m.4 which becomes progressively later by m.9 it is a full eighth note late.
  5. sonnykeyes

    sonnykeyes Senior member

    It looks like you accidentally sped up the tempo a little after you recorded the guitar part.
  6. edurbrow

    edurbrow Senior member

    Yes. I've come to that conclusion. I just got the drum tracks I ordered from a drummer and the track is slower, so I must have sped it up, - only I don't remember! I'm going to start creating more alternatives to keep track of what I'm doing.

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