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Logic 9 Hardware Update with Logic

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by hauntedapples, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. hauntedapples

    hauntedapples New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm looking to go from my MBox with ProTools LE (bought in about 2004 or 2005!!) to Logic 9 with some new hardware.

    I've heard from several people already that I could hook up my MBox to Logic 9 - but I'm not sure if I'm really interested in doing so after hearing so many horror stories of it not working.

    Basically, if the MBox isn't meant to be hooked up with Logic 9, then I don't want to figure out some hacker way of doing it. I'd rather invest in new hardware.

    What do you guys suggest? I'm looking for a two channel input along with an input/preamp for a Condenser Mic (basically exactly what the MBox offered)

    I looked at the Apogee Duet pretty heavily, but concluded that the $600 price was largely due to the design and portability of it (is this true? am I wrong? is it a good deal?).

    Looking to spend somewhere more around the 300-400 range.

    So you know - my computer is a brand new iMac purchased this spring with thunderbolt.

    Thanks in advance for your help!:thmbup:
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Which M-Box?
  4. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    I will throw my 2¢ in for the Duet. I am very happy with mine. I think mine cost in the $500 dollar range a couple of years back... But I obviously have the previous model to the one you mentioned. It may seem a little out of your price range but you might be able to pick up the older Duet for cheaper than $600... The first series Apogee Duet works fine with my MacPro & Logic 9 (see specs in my signature.) I recall it costing less than what you mentioned, but perhaps the new Duet has some new bells & whistles that magically drove the price up? :eeek:
    For what I do, (mostly "in the box" Electronic music production,) it works great. I love the way it sounds and is sturdy and simple in design. If I had to cite anything negative about it, I'd have to say it hangs up on me every once in a while. (Every blue moon, the audio will just stop playing on the Duet. My work around is to usually quit outta Logic and re seat the firewire cable. Then everything works great. Sometimes I just re-start my Mac and all is well for another month or more.) -Really, that is not so bad. :thmbup:

    Good luck with whatever you choose to go with! :)
  5. Multispace

    Multispace Member

    I'm in the same boat. I do use my original Mbox with Logic Pro 9, but just for teaching purposes on my Macbook. The outputs are working just fine with Logic, sometimes it sees only 1 input of the Mbox instead of 2, so if I actually want to do some stereo recordings in the future (impulse recordings) I need to get a new interface as well. Also the Mbox doesn't work with playing back system audio anymore, at least on Snow Leopard. I have the feeling that if I upgrade to Lion, the Mbox drivers won't work at all anymore with Logic (not sure though!)

    I was also thinking of the Apogee Duet 2, but it's indeed a bit pricy. Another option is a M-Audio interface (one of these Fasttrack interfaces).

    Good luck!

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