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Logic 9 hearing audio

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by pianistguy, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. pianistguy

    pianistguy Member

    im having a weird problem ive never had before.

    So i have an external mic set up that is connected to my m audio interface and then to the computer and i can record but then when i go to play it, there is no sound.

    i tried to go into the audio settings and change options but its still giving me trouble. I've always been able to record and hear back without changing settings, but for some reason i can only do one at a time, now, why is this?

    thanks for your help
  3. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Perhaps a bit more information is needed to flesh-out this issue...
    You say that you have always been able to record then play thru this set-up?
    Is this issue related to a single project or any Logic 9 project you are in.
    Have you made any software/firmware/hardware upgrades or changes recently?
    Are you actually changing settings in Logic OR your m-audio control panel to record/play your audio?
    Walk us thru the process and see if anything has recently changed.
    What is your set-up? Which interface is it?
  4. pianistguy

    pianistguy Member

    I have discovered the issue, the problem was with my m-audio interface box, not logic thank you.

    i am however having a logic problem today, i recorded an audio track in stereo and then i put another loop thunder clap sound with it, which is added on another line or track and it comes out in surround.

    When i play it back, i'll hear seconds of distortion- like the computer can't handle it all. Perhaps i need to play them on different inputs? i don't know. the distortion is coming from the thunder clap track not, the one audio track i recorded.

    any reasons why you think this is and how i could fix it, so both could play at once without any distortions?

  5. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    I am assuming you are not in a Surround 5.1 project, correct?
    So, you imported a Thunder Sound Effect onto a different audio track and it is distorting? Not to sound like I'm stating the obvious but is this sound file VERY loud? Also, could there be any plug-ins, compressors or Gain plugs somewhere in the signal path that could produce these results?
    I occasionally use licensed sound effects in my projects and I always find that they are normalized way hot. I usually have to bring down the level on them between 15-25db to have them "sit" in my mix.

    Are both audio tracks routed to the Stereo Outs? Are there any plug-ins on the output strip that could cause over-modulation?
    Sorry if my suggestions are missing the mark.

    Also, what is your set-up and buffer sizes? Do your projects require a few tracks or multiple tracks etc.
    How much RAM do you have on your system?

    Any or all of these things can contribute to your system "choking" if that is what is happening here.
    I am further assuming that unless you have a very old computer where processing might be an issue, the problem here is something in the audio chain.
    Tell us your exact system.


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