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Logic 9 Help loading old files

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by wakeupbomb, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. wakeupbomb

    wakeupbomb New Member

    I'm not sure where I'm supposed to post this. I'm new to the forums.


    I've got a TON of old Logic Pro 7 files sitting on my hard drive. I'm trying to open them up to see what I've got, but when I try to open them either the screen flashes and it shuts logic down, or the screen flashes and it says "saving" and then shuts down. Is there any way I can open these files to see what I have? I know there are a few things that I'd really like to get back so if there is any way to do it I'd love to know!

    Thank you all in advance for any help you can give me.
  3. rootsounds

    rootsounds New Member

    I seem to remember that L9 cannot open L7 files. If you happen to also have L8, then you can use that, save, and open in 9. Someone might have to verify this - I'm not 100% sure I remember this correctly, but it's a start.

  4. sonnykeyes

    sonnykeyes Senior member

    Actually, L9 should open L7 files. See this thread:


    I'm not sure what's causing your L9's behaviour, but it's not a documented incompatibility. There's one comment about importing Atari files which mentions that L9 has to be running in 32-bit mode...are you running in 64-bit? Maybe that's got something to do with it?

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