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Logic 9 Help! No audio or very weak audio!

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by leiya107, May 25, 2013.

  1. leiya107

    leiya107 New Member

    I used to be very good with Logic and music production and stuff. But I haven't done it for two years and maybe I've lost the touch and maybe lost all the memory... I can't seem to get the audio signal routing right. Please help me out.

    My workflow is to record MIDI tracks from MIDI keyboard (M-Audio Axiom 61) and then play the MIDI tracks onto tone generators and record them onto audio tracks. My old tone generators and audio and MIDI interfaces weren't with me at the time so I bought a Roland Sonic Cell cheap on eBay. It's sort of all-in-one solution because you can plug the USB cable in the computer and it will transfer both MIDI and audio signals. So I thought it was all good.

    But no matter how hard I tried, the audio signals input to Logic were so weak you almost can't see any movement on the meter on Logic's mixer! No matter, I could use "Normalise" in the Audio menu and that's what I did. But needless to say, audio amplified by something like ten- to twenty-fold isn't of very good quality. I thought maybe I didn't know how to use the Sonic Cell, so I had my old equipment shipped to me so that I could use what I'm most familiar with.

    Problem is I had to change my old FireWire interface to a USB one because I now have a MacBook Air with USB ports only. My old interface was MOTU Traveler Mk3, and I replaced it with a MOTU Ultralite Mk3 with USB and FW connectivity. I reckon the drivers and CueMix programs used to drive the interfaces are the same, I should have no problems working with the Ultralite. And indeed, setup was very straight forward, as there wasn't much setting up to be done. But that weak audio problem is there again! I can get audio from the tone generators to Logic. But the audio tracks are so weak, something like -50dB or -60dB weak even when the master volume of the tone generators are turned to maximum (as you would do to record from tone generators). Since the exact same problem happen with both the Sonic Cell's audio interface and now the MOTU Ultralite, I reckon it's not the way I set up the audio interface that's wrong, it's Logic itself. But I can't work out if it's a compatibility issue, or some hidden setting in Logic that I forgot to do.

    I'm running OS 10.8 with Logic Pro 9.

    Furthermore, there's no sound coming out of the audio interface when I play Software Instruments or MP3 files on Logic's audio tracks. It seems like there's something wrong with the connection between the audio interface and Logic. But I don't know what settings I've done wrong.

    Does anyone here have any idea as to what I might have done wrong?

  3. JaredF

    JaredF New Member

    Regarding your recordings, check the trim on you cue mix software as well as the output gain on your tone generators.

    Mp3s are probably not playing because you need to change you main output device to your new device. You can do so by ctrl click the sound icon in menu bar and select the ultra lite. There's also a setting in the moth manager to allow your comp to control the volume still.
  4. leiya107

    leiya107 New Member

    Regarding checking the Trim knobs on CueMix and output gain of my tone generators, of course I know these things already - I was once a seasoned semi-pro; I hope I still am one after a long period of break. It's just that for some unknown reason I can't even get the audio signals into Logic...

    Also, I think you've misunderstood what I said about MP3s; maybe I wrote the whole thing at 3am in the morning and I hadn't had enough sleep... What I meant was I imported an MP3 file onto an audio track of Logic. I just wanted to test if Logic can output audio signals back into the MOTU Ultralite audio interface and to my headphones plugged into it. The answer was no, although in CueMix as well as the screen on the Ultralite console itself, it did show that the Main Out 1-2 had signals. Don't know what happened there.
  5. JaredF

    JaredF New Member

    You might wan't to see what channels in cuemix are sending to the headphone out on the ultralite. There is a way to ensure that its receiving the same audio as the main output.

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