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Logic 9 help w MIDI nightmare please??

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by shockadd, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. shockadd

    shockadd New Member

    ere is my problem- Ive been using a Novation Remote 49 SL Compact as a basic midi controller (keys only) as my first experience w Novations Automap Serverr program was silly. I just tried using the Automap program again, it needed to be updated so I did so. Followed all the instructions to the letter. The Automap Server app just is not working I thought I would turn it off and just go back to using the Novation for its keyboard only as Logic 9 has responded fine in this application. Now, there seems to be a disconnect somewhere within Logic that I am missing! Logic says that it is recieving the MIDI not on, after touch amount and the key off. Looking at my environment for Clicks & Ports everything seems fine- the monitor is showing the MIDI key info as I play it and it is connected to the sequencer, however the VI's are not responding to this MIDI doesnt matter if I use a Automap wrapped version of the VI or a non wrapped version of any of my VI's!!

    What should I be looking for?? Where is the "disconnect"???

    Thank you in advance!! :redface:
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    The only way to get rid of Automap is to uninstall it. Make sure you delete or remove any "wrapped" versions of your plug-ins before you do this, then uninstall the bugger.
  4. shockadd

    shockadd New Member

    anything else I should look for? There seems to be a MIDI "disconnect" happening between the MIDI monitor and sequencer or between the sequencer and the V.I. Ive checked what seems obvious. The MIDI in on the arrange window counter area is showing correct MIDI note info. No action on the MIDI out below it and no "triggering" or note on of the AU Instruments
  5. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    You can try the AU Instruments using the Caps Lock just to check the midi IN routing.
    Open a new project (from Empty Template) and create one AU instrument and try again, just to check up if it is some old template issue or project bug.

  6. GdT

    GdT New Member

    Hi shockadd. Suggest you take a look at the Automap DAW setup guide for Logic. It shows you how to go to the Environment, Clicks & Ports layer. One needs to cable the input device ie Novation into the Sequencer input; if it is not already cabled.

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