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Logic 9 Help with AU's in logic 9.1.5

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Bernsvallofficial, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Bernsvallofficial

    Bernsvallofficial New Member

    Okey so have been looking around on many forums and websites but nothing works. I want to open my Sylenth1 but it isnt under Audio Units, there is only Apple nothing else. So i checked if it was loaded in the Audio Units Manager, and it is.
    So what should i do?
    EDIT: its verision 2.2.0 on Sylenth1
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    If you see it in the AU Manager it is properly installed.

    First, you are adding an instrument track correct? If so, you are looking for the plug-in in the pop up tab just below the lettering that says I/O, not the track inserts (the first 2 pop up tabs under the word "Inserts", they are used for stuff like EQ's etc.

    Can you get us some more info: Mac model, system, version of Logic Pro.
  4. Roger Jackson

    Roger Jackson Member

    Is it perhaps listed under "LennarDigital?"

    Roger Jackson
    Film Music
  5. Bernsvallofficial

    Bernsvallofficial New Member

    Well i got i fixed and it all worked out, but now things doesn't work in 9.1.6? doesn't come any sounds at all help
  6. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Ok, first off, you really need to provide ALL the info you can to trouble-shoot your issue.
    You say you got it all fixed & worked out... How? Did one of the suggestions help above? Did you need to re-install the plug-in?
    Any info you can provide will be helpful for the folks here to help you out.

    You said this plug didn't come with any sounds... Do you mean there is no Preset Sounds library or the unit is not functioning?
    Have you contacted the makers of the plug to see if there is any info on their site which might help you?
    Do other VI's work for you in Logic?

    I understand your frustration when you expect something to work (in any program) especially when creativity strikes.
    The more info you provide, the better the response you will get. (usually.) ;)

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