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Help with installation using Remote Disc

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by Marcusmax, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. Marcusmax

    Marcusmax New Member

    I am in the middle of installing Logic on a new Mac Mini using my MacBook's dvd drive via Disc Sharing / Remote Disc. All went smoothly until the install programme asked me to put in another disc to continue. I ejected the first installation disc and put in the requested one but the install programme didn't recognise that anything had happened. So now it's just sitting there asking for the disc. What do I do? I've tried going to Remote Disc and getting it to 'ask' the Macbook to use its drive again but nothing happens.

    You are supposed to be able to install applications using this method but how do you do this using multiple discs? How do I prompt the programme to recognise that a new disc has been inserted? Any help would be greatly appreciated because I am now stuck in mid-installation and it's late on a Sunday night so can't ring Apple. Don't want to screw things up by aborting..
  3. Marcusmax

    Marcusmax New Member

    Ok I think I've sorted it. Tried to delete this thread but can't see how..
  4. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Care to share how you solved it, Mark? Given that there are many new Macs coming out without optical drives, the question may come up again.

    Deleting threads is a moderator only function. If you feel something should be deleted, feel free to get in touch with Orren, Peter, Pete, Tony or myself.

    Glad it worked out btw :)

    kind regards

  5. Marcusmax

    Marcusmax New Member

    Thanks Mark. I only wanted to delete the post because I wrote it in a bit of a panic and then it seemed redundant once I had sorted the issue.

    It's pretty obvious really but somehow it eluded me. Once the installation asks for the new disc, swap them out. Then while the new disc is spinning up fully, go back to Remote Disc on the drive-less machine and double click on the icon for the computer with the drive. Click on 'Ask to use' and then Accept that (if that option was chosen when setting up Disc Sharing) on the other computer. It then picks up where it left off. In essence you have to start the process anew each time a disc is inserted.

    As I say, this is probably obvious to most people. What was catching me was the timing. If you click on 'Ask to use' too early, before the disc is fully spinning, it doesn't recognise it or else it keeps asking to use the disc indefinitely. You have to wait until the disc's content has become visible on the other computer. At least this is how it went for me.

    Hope that may help some other drive-less folk,
  6. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    The answer: Get someone to make disc images of the Logic 9 discs (I have the entire 8 disc set for example) you mount them all at once, and in about 15 minutes you are done, all 32 GB of files installed (well maybe more than 15 minutes, but faster than the 2.5 to 6 hours it's taken me in the pasty on a Mac!!!).

    If you need a hand, ask... I might be able to help ;)
  7. Marcusmax

    Marcusmax New Member

    Thanks for your offer of help George. Actually it didn't bother me having to install from the discs, once I got the hang of it. I like doing things the hard way!


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