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Logic 9 Help with multi-input midi recording

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by zenchemical, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. zenchemical

    zenchemical New Member

    I've recently upgraded to logic 9. Though I'd never attempted this particular thing in logic 7, I can't get multi-channel midi recording to work.

    What I'm doing.

    - New project with default instrument set
    - go into settings->recording, selecting "auto demix channel"
    - changing individual track midi assignments from "all" to individual channel
    - arming the individual tracks

    What happens, universally, is that it records on whatever the "selected" track is. My expectation is that whatever channel the midi events are generated on, it plays that track.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Did I miss a step?
  3. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Your steps are OK.

    Right. Note when you hit "Stop" Logic autodemixes the newly recorded midi region and move it to its proper track - that's the Logic behavior and it is OK !
    I hope you have correct channel/instrument monitoring during recording ?

  4. zenchemical

    zenchemical New Member

    This is expected behavior? How would you record, say, bass + piano parts from a split controller, if they're both playing the piano part, and it doesn't resolve the differences until the recording ends?
  5. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    How do you split the controller ? Have a look at the Input View Monitor in the Environment Click & Ports layer if the split is correct - i.e when you play bass (left hand) the midi channel must be different than the "Right hand" split.

    You can use a Global midi channel in your external controller to split it into two paths via different midi channels using the Logic Environment. Have a look at the image below.
    In this example the external controller is set to global ch.1. I have created just one transformer and cabled it between the Physical Input and the Sequencer.
    The transformer Template is set to "Copy matching events apply operation" so you copy ch.1 into ch.2 (in this scenario you layer the piano and bass).
    To split them at a given Note Pitch # (say C3) you select the Piano track and set its "Key Limit" to C3-G8 and the Bass track to C-2-B2 in the Track Inspectors.

    Note: The main idea of this environment scheme is to copy "All Midi data" inc. Pitch Bend, Modulation etc and set the Key Note Split only directly in the target tracks etc.



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