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Hi! I'm new to LUG

Discussion in 'New LUGer Introductions' started by soundburg, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. soundburg

    soundburg New Member

    I started on a cassette four track, then went to a reel to reel 8-track, then added Digital performer to my reel to reel, with a tiny Macintosh computer.
    Since then I've gone through another a number of Apple computers and have been doing DAW recording, a few years ago I switched to Logic.
    I recently bought a MacBook Pro so that I could do some sketching out of ideas with Logic no matter where I was.
    I am also very interested in collaborating with other musicians. My goal is to allow musicians to add parts to my compositions that I'm not as comfortable performing myself. I'm mainly a bass player, but I can play a little piano, drums and guitar as well.
    I'd also feel honored to contribute baselines to anybody who needed them.

    Does anybody know of any groups or websites that do this?

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