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Hi there new LUG!

Discussion in 'Audio Units: Effect and Instrument Plugins' started by Urs Heckmann, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Urs Heckmann

    Urs Heckmann New Member

    Hi there,

    I'm Urs and I develop plugins.

    When Orren asked me to join the new LUG with a developer forum, what could I say? My pro career pretty much took off with the Zebra Group Buy in 2004. Which back then was a LUG-specific thing :)

    I think that a large part of my customer base uses Logic as their main DAW. Maybe a third or so. Many of which are LUG members. Hence it only makes sense to have a little forum just for you (even though I think that my stuff has close to no problems with Logic).

    I've been on LUG for ages, but I havn't been active lately because I got somewhat dizzy from all the mailing lists. So I'm quite happy about the transition to a forum format.

    So happy birthday new LUG & welcome to u-he's LUG forum!


    ;) Urs
  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    HI Urs!

    Thanks so much for joining us - it's great to have you here!

    kind regards

    Mark (As you know, a big Zebra fan)
  4. bambony

    bambony Administrator Staff Member

    I like Zebra too! And I was interested to read that the LUG helped launch you.

  5. groundhum

    groundhum New Member

    I've missed the retro avatar, Urs.:thmbup:
  6. rainguitar

    rainguitar Member

    the Zebra has landed

    Hi Urs,

    It's great that you're here! I just bought Zebra 2 yesterday and I'm having a blast playing around with it!

  7. Urs Heckmann

    Urs Heckmann New Member

    Thanks Greg! 8)
  8. LSchefman

    LSchefman Senior member

    Urs, I think I've gotten all your products, and they're brilliant!

    Zebra and MFM are faves, but Uhbik is coming on strong. The more I use Uhbik's modules, the more I like them.

    In fact, I just used Uhbik on a demo for a car company ad campaign. Gave the track I used it on just the right touch of coolness - and madness! ;)
  9. Silverhealer

    Silverhealer New Member

    I am also a fan - I used nothing but Zebra CM for one track on my album. I did some programming for this and the AU patches are available on my website on my downloads page - look at the bottom under Synth Sounds and MIDI Files for download. I presume they would work with the full Zebra.
  10. Urs Heckmann

    Urs Heckmann New Member

    Thanks Silverhealer! Which track is the purely ZCM one?

    Would you mind if your patches were posted here? ->

    These guys are maintaining a terrific source of sounds there...


    ;) Urs
  11. Silverhealer

    Silverhealer New Member

    Hi Urs

    You have them already (under the name Mightywight*) and I think you've heard the track, which is 'Funky Stripes'. It is a free download from my Soundclick page. The whole album is available on iTunes, Napster and Amazon now, among other places.

    The basic challenge to myself was to use just one synth and to get myself programming again. The drum kit was from Computer Music mag samples from a while back, so effectively nearly everything was free, apart from Logic and its effects...

    Tony Thompson

    *I've got a different business name now, as I don't live on the Isle of Wight any more!:)
  12. Urs Heckmann

    Urs Heckmann New Member

    Ahhh... yep, I remember 8)
  13. horselesspaul

    horselesspaul New Member

    Well MFM2 and its 2 Bar Stereo Looper preset just got me through a tricky, self-inflicted, solo bass performance in fine style. The Moving Reverb also wowed the "select" group of punters in another tune.
    Thanks Urs.

    All the best,


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