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Holding the transpose instruction

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Christopher Pratt, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. How on earth to describe this!
    I can't get Logic to hold the transpose instructions and to transpose correctly in recording new regions.
    Eg If I've been recording "at pitch" using internal midi voices and try to record an adjacent track -2 semitones ( for a Bb instrument) it will transpose it but when I return to the "concert" pitch track (even though the track control reads "0" it still transposes down 2. It must be something to do with my input instructions. I've been reduced to recording new regions "at pitch" and then transposing them down in the editor. It means, though, that I can't listen to the other tracks until I've done the transposition because it sounds in the wrong key during input.
    Hasten to say i'm recording the Poulenc Sextet which has Clarinet in Bb and Horn in F parts and I can't transpose them at sight quickly enough.
  3. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    There are two Transpose On the fly functions in the Logic Track Inspector:
    1. Region (the top one in the Inspector).
    2. Track (bottom in the Inspector).

    I guess you use the Region Transposition which is a little bit snaky if you are not familiar with its behavior. For example if there are no regions on that track and you set the Region Transposition to say -2, that means you have set the Region global Transposition to -2 (something like the Track Transposition).
    You can record a few regions, select them and set another Transposition "0" or +2 which will set the SELECTED Region Transposition, but the Region Global one will stay to -2. So you have to deselect all regions on that track and set the Global Region Trp back to 0 for instance.
    So, my advice is:
    1. Keep the Region Transposition setting to 0 (deselect all regions of that track if any), record regions, select them and set each one to a given Trp value. (Region Based).
    2. If you want to Transpose your real time Performance (non-destructively) then use the Track Transposition.
    3. You can combine Region & Track Transposition as well like this:
    - Keep the Global Region Transpose to 0.
    - Select the different regions and set the Region Transposition to different values if you want.
    - Use the Track Transposition to transpose all regions (keeping their different Transposition ratios) to another Global Pitch in one go.
  4. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Just to elaborate on what Ivan is saying, it sounds like you have the MIDI thru parameters set to transpose. You might have done this accidentally by setting the transposition value in the Region Inspector while no region was selected.
  5. EdgarRothermich

    EdgarRothermich Senior member

    Let me also elaborate/summarize on that topic and what has been said so far:

    You have to be aware of three areas where Logic can apply an offset to MIDI Events (on-the-fly), for example transpose the MIDI notes.

    1 - Track Inspector: These parameters apply an offset to the MIDI Events played back by the Software Instrument that is assigned to that Track. There are two sources that "feed" MIDI Events to a Software Instrument: 1) MIDI Events coming from a MIDI Region on that Track when in playback mode. 2) MIDI Events coming from the MIDI input, when playing your MIDI controller and that Track is selected (or in Rec Enabled Mode).

    2 - Region Inspection (Region playback offset): Selecting a MIDI Region will display its Playback Parameters in the Region Inspector (you can also display/edit multiple Regions at the same time). This lets you apply a transpose value to each Region individually. Please note that this transpose value is in addition to any transpose value you set in the Track Inspector

    3 - Region Inspector (Region default offset): This is a special mode (a "snaky" one, as Ivan point it out), which is often overlooked/misunderstood. The Region Inspector switches to this special Region Inspector when no Region is selected in the Tracks Window. Logic indicates that mode by displaying the "Region: MIDI Thru" in the Region Inspector Header, instead of displaying the name of the selected Region. These are the "Default Region Parameter". That means, after recording a MIDI Region, Logic will apply those parameter to that new Region, which you can see when you select that new Region and look at the Region Inspector. Please note that these are still "playback" parameter. The MIDI notes are not recorded with the transposed value. That transposition value is just applied when playing back the Region , and you can change it at any time.
    And here is another aspect to keep in mind: The Transpose and Velocity parameter in this Region Inspector is applied when you just play the Software Instrument with your MIDI Keyboard without recording it, you just play "thru" the instrument.

    A note about Notation:
    Although the Region Parameters are playback parameters (on-the-fly), they will affect the score printout. For example, when you record a C with a Region Transpose Parameter of +2, then the Piano Roll Editor displays the a C, but the Score Editor displays a D, with the transposition applied. If you are dealing with transposed instruments, then you might use an
  6. volovicg

    volovicg Senior member

    Edgar that was an excellent explanation!!!!
  7. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    Yes, that was helpful. But, at least on my screen, it ended in the middle of a sentence.
    "If you are dealing with transposed instruments, then you might use an"
    Was there more?

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