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Home studio?

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by jluv0423, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. jluv0423

    jluv0423 New Member

    So I posted a week back about my korg triton and Logic. It sparked my interest? I have a question, please everyone respond.....

    What do I need to have a respectable home studio, what devices and brands. I currently own a triton studio and Logic. but what else do i need?????

    What kind of audio interface?
    What kind of Microphone?
    What Kind of cables
    What kind of speakers/headphones?

    What else???? The reasonable/affordable and the really nice?

    Thanks for your help,
  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member



    Would you please tell us what kind of music you plan to make in your new home studio?

    The better you describe your music, your room and your anticipations, the better will the suggestions be. A home studio can cost between $500 and $50,000 – an approximate budget would be fine to give people a clue what to suggest.
  4. jluv0423

    jluv0423 New Member

    I am a school teacher who just discovered music technology. I want to use it in the classroom. With that said I am not made of money. I want the basics. I do know I need the following.

    Audio Interface
    monitor speakers

    this is becoming a hobby, what are the basic items I need
  5. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    I assume that we are talking more budget end as opposed to hige end, but it still is necessary to provide some more information:

    How many inputs/Outputs do you need? What sort of Mac do you have - this will help determine the kind of interface you should be looking at, be it firewire, PCIe, USB?

    Names to look for could include Presonus, MOTU, RME, Metric Halo, Apogee, there are others out there as well.

    I would suggest the Yamaha HS 80 as very good value Active 8" Speakers, I don't think you will go far wrong with them

    There are hundreds of microphones, starting under 100 Euros and going way beyond 5000. What will you be recording? Just off the cuff, a Rode NT1 as an allround Condenser might be worth looking at, or a Shure SM 58 as a robust, dynamic vocal for live vocals? I presume we aren't looking at Neumann, Brauner and co.

    Your best bet might be to research a little more, then see if you can find a trustworthy music dealer who can give you some recommendations, but he will also need to know how much you want to spend.

    kind regards

  6. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    I am brave enough to take the chance:

    Røde NT1-A
    Studio condenser, neutral clean sound, low noise.
    USD 230 at Sweetwater.
    Plus a mic stand and a pop filter.

    Audio interface:
    Presonus Firebox
    Firewire, good sound, 2 Mics and 2 line in, 6 line out, phones out.
    Currently USD 200 sales price at Sweetwater, retail price USD 500.

    Yamaha HS80M
    Good value for money.
    USD 800 for a pair at Sweetwater, cheaper in Europe.
    Plus solid speaker stands.

    AKG K-171 or equivalent (Beyerdynamic for example)
    USD 200 at Sweetwater.
    You need closed phones for voice recording!
    Be aware that you have normally only one phone output on an audio interface. If you need two or more phones you can take a small phone amplifier and may need an "Y-Cable" from two interface outputs to the phone amp input.

    One long mic cable, XLR/XLR, 6 m minimum for a class room. Two symmetrical cables from the interface to the speakers. In case of the Yamaha speakers you need symmetrical cables, either TRS/TRS or TRS/XLR male. Probably extension cable(s) for the headphones.

    So – where did we go?
    I think including stands, cables and shipping we settled below USD 2000. The speakers eat up a lot, you may want cheaper models. Just remember that small speakers don't have much bass and in the classroom you need speakers that can deliver something in the mid-range field, at least not dedicated nearfield monitors.

    I apologize if this budget is far too high for your application. This is for a home studio setup, allowing to record and mix in good quality. If you are rather after a "demonstrational" setup you have to take another approach and I don't know much about gear for that (rather nothing at all).
  7. jluv0423

    jluv0423 New Member

    Awesome, exactly what I needed. Thanks a lot. I will be shopping soon.
  8. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    What? :eeek:

    Wait a moment, I will first ask Sweetwater for a job ;)
  9. Gio

    Gio Member

    Love my boys at Sweetwater!
  10. barbworks

    barbworks New Member

    How about a 4 - 8 channel mixing board type interface that works with Logic? I see the M-Audio Project Mix is a control surface but it doesn't double as a mixing board. Presonus FireStudio works with Logic 8 (i know it'snot a mixing board style but...)? Anyone with experience or with Yamaha NRV 10 or the N8? Other suggestions? Looking for between $500 & $1000 maybe a little more.
  11. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    These days I would advise anyone for this kind of studio to not bother with any kind of mixing board for use with Logic. Everything you need is there in the box, along with an interface with decent mic pres, why use a desk?
  12. barbworks

    barbworks New Member

    I suppose I was trying to get my students (high school) some experience with a board... digital but hands on. Maybe I am just too old fashioned (showing my age)! I read really good things about the Firestudio Project and I have some former students who use it even daisy chaining two. I don't need the tube version. For mixing after they record, I can go with a nanoKontrol if I want hands on. Thoughts?

    Thanks very much!
  13. jluv0423

    jluv0423 New Member

    I got the firebox as you suggested...speakers.....and mic.....

    However the firebox and mac instructions are less than stellar. I don't want to use cubebase, but it seems everything is geared towards it.

    How do I get it working with my mac and logic?
  14. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    Download the latest Firebox Mixer/Control Panel from Presonus and install it.

    Shut your Mac down and turn the Firebox off (do not hot-plug Firewire cables, regardless what the manual says). Connect Mac and Firebox by the Firewire cable. Turn the Firebox and the Mac on. Check if the sync light on the Firebox turns blue.

    Connect the Firebox line outputs 1 and 2 (Main) to your speakers. 1 is left, 2 is right. Keep the volume knob on the backside of the speakers rather low for now.

    In System Preferences "Sound" check if the Firebox is here, select it as input and output.

    Start iTunes and play a song. The sound should go through the Firebox to your speakers. If not, check the Presonus Mixer. Playback 1/2 must be selected. All faders up, nothing muted or solo.

    When it works, start Logic. Go to Logic Pro -> Preferences -> Audio -> Core Audio and select the Firebox as output and input device. Close the preference window.

    Should work now.
  15. jluv0423

    jluv0423 New Member

    I can play I-tunes through the fire box, however how should I hook my korg triton too the firebox. I am using two 1/4 inch to the inputs of the firebox. I am only using it for audio at the moment.

    I can't hear any korg sounds unless the computer is off. any other tips?

    Thanks for your help, you are keeping me sane.

  16. jluv0423

    jluv0423 New Member

    I now have it running in logic. The mixer......duhh.

    Now how do I record the audio into logic?

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