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How can I send back automation parameters to external device from Logic

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by mcmaklin, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. mcmaklin

    mcmaklin New Member

    Hi there, Please help me I believe it is a Logic specific thing:

    How can I send back automation parameters to a Midistudio App on Ipad that should act as an external MIDI controller? I want to see sliders moving. . I can learn him logic's sliders, and even move them but I want logic to send them back while playing. How to do it???
    It seems somebody had a similar problem and there is still no solution:
    "I am using Logic. I can map parameters from MIDI Designer (via a Network Session) using Command-L (learn). However, I'd like to get the parameters to send back out to MIDI Designer. Is this possible?
    In MainStage it's very easy. Every parameter you map (in layout mode) has a "Send Value to:" parameter that allows the parameter to send out"

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  3. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Yes it is - you need a Midi Feedback controller function. Logic Controller Assignments dialog does not support such function for many generic controllers that's why you have to use the Logic Environment as an alternative method.

    During the former Logic times I developed the "Logic Parameter Hunter" Environment tool which is specially designed for that.
    The Audiogrocery Logic Parameter Hunter (PH) can be used as a single channel strip capture tool so you can learn any channel strip parameter or any plugin parameter etc. You can learn up to 50 parameters per PH instance. It is easy to import the PH into another project or move the Logic project to another computer keeping the assignments etc.
    Another PH version is the complex Environment setup which offers up to 16 Parameter Hunter instances shown as a Sceenset Palette. This template is previously patched to 8 Audio Tracks & 8 Software Instruments.
    It is based on midi channelizing so it is limited to 16 channels. Each Instance can capture/learn up to 50 parameters which means 16 x 50 = 800 i.e you can store up to 800 controller assignments per project.
    Audiogrocery does not sell PH officially yet but there are lots of customers who offered it as a custom development. It's price is 45 Euro.
    If you have any interest to order it, please use the contacts in the audiogrocery web link shown in the signature below.
    I have packed two non-voice demo videos where I use some Environment "Emulator Faders" which emulate your external controller so you can see the "Feedback" function.
    PH supports Logic TBA (Track Based Automation) so you can use standard automation modes such as: Latch, Touch, Read etc.

    Parameter Hunter Logic Environment Videos - DOWNLOAD (QT 32Mb)

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