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Logic 9 How do i have the "snap to absolute value" defulted to always be on?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by papertigerbob, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. papertigerbob

    papertigerbob New Member

    Why is it that everytime I close and open up logic, I have to remember to selcect the snap to absolute value. I find that very annoying, the other software that I use allows me to always have that selected (especially in this day and age where use of the grid is very important, and not having the movement of audio not always automatically snap to it, is a pain in the ass), and in my other software, if I need to nudge or move the audio without snapping, then i just command click and drag freely.

    So how can I always have that selected?

    also, can i just enlarge just one track? or do i always have to enlarge them all? and can I adjust a setting that allows me to actually see the wav form on the screen when its in the smaller size? I've seen countless other software do it, and both my other software allows me to see accurate wave forms at small size, and also allows me to switch screens very quickly and enlarge only the wav files i want, with out having to make them all bigger.

  3. Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson Senior member

    Yes. Hover the cursor over the bottom left of the track header, until it turns into a finger-pointing hand. Then drag.
  4. DonovanFraser

    DonovanFraser New Member

    anyone know how i can post on this site. I cant find anywhere to do so? I just signed up so I am super new to this.
  5. papertigerbob

    papertigerbob New Member

    cool, we got some jokesters in here. well i'm sorry "logic" doesn't do things "logically". this software bogs down when i have about 20 tracks being used, when other software i use i can have 80 to 100 tracks going with multiple plugins runnin, and I have no issues. Sucks it has only 2 features on it that i do enjoy, or i'd never touch this joke of a software.
  6. Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson Senior member

    "New thread" button, top left.
  7. Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson Senior member

    Yes, looks like you might be one of them.

    Earlier I only had time to post a very quick reply but have just popped back in to see if I could address some of the other questions you raised, only to find you have mysteriously launched your toys, rattle and dummy from the pram.

    Was it the way I said it?

    Hmmmm. "Joke of a software," eh?

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