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How do I make this sound?

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by Taybot, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Taybot

    Taybot Senior member

    I'm trying to copy this sound and I can't get it. It is track 14, called "Fallin In Love" on this link


    what is that opening synth. I know it's a trancegate and I figured out how to make the rhythmic pattern, and someone told me it is 2 sawtooths detuned by quite a ways. I tried that and still can't really get it. Also, how do I get the wind effect, that comes off the synth? Someone told me it is white noise, but how do I add white noise, using ES2?

    I've been trying techniques such as layering one sound over a pad.

    I'm getting closer but I'm not quite there. Can someone please help?

    thanks a ton!
  3. sonnykeyes

    sonnykeyes Senior member

    Your link comes up 404.
  4. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Hey Taybot,

    I see you have posted essentially the same question which I've been trying to help you with on the other thread. :confused:
    I thought you were going to try out or purchase the Vanguard or a similar Synth to get the results you wanted.
    I see you are back to square one in this thread which is fine, but...
    Despite what good suggestions you will get here, creating a Trancegate using Logic's synths and plug-ins will be a LOT of effort. And the results will be ok, but may not be as "epic sounding" as the 3rd party synths I mentioned.
    If money is a concern (which I completely understand,) and the option to purchase a Trance-Gate type of synth is not an option, then yes, you will have to layer multiple instances of ES1's and/or ES2's (some with de-tuned Saw waves and others with noise generators that are filtered to open & close in rhythmic unity etc.) I recommended using instances of Logic's Filter plug but it may not be able to get you that Trancegate rhythm that you are after...
    I am all for trying but you will have a lot of automation to create to keep it sounding organic and changing over time. :brkwl:

    I can tell you that the 3rd party synths just sound different and are "better" for this sort of thing because they are designed for it, and they are a breeze to set-up and program because the arpeggiator and Trance Gate work in tandem producing solid rhythms that are the backbone for this music.
    Another option is to use the Logic synths and pass them thru FabFilter's Volcano or Timeless plug-ins. They have Trance Gate filters that mimic this sound as well.
    Go to http://www.fabfilter.com/ to check them out.

    -But, they cost money. If you are trying to do this on the cheap, then it is possible but you have some work cut out for you.

    I'm just trying to help here. Good Gating! :thmbup:
  5. Taybot

    Taybot Senior member

    yea charlie i know you're right i gotta just get vanguard I think. Do you think I should get the 99.99 version or the $350 version?
  6. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Buying any musical instrument is a subjective thing, even a synth plug-in.
    But I am quite happy with the Vanguard. And the other plugs I listed are all under the $350 that the Nexus costs.
    I think the Vanguard is an excellent choice for Trance Gate sounds.
    Check & see if they have a temp demo version. Even if the demo only lasts a short time per session, you can immediately get a sense if you like it.
    If I had to make the sound from that song you posted, i would grab for the Vanguard first.
    Then I would check out the Discovery Pro or NI Massive.
    The Nexus might have a lot more bells & whistles but I really like the Vanguard. It is a true fat sounding multi-oscillator synth with all the tweaked filters & gates that one needs for this kind of music.
    Best of luck!:cool:
  7. Taybot

    Taybot Senior member

    ha yea i know i just tried the demo version of vanguard I really like it. but I was asking should I get the 99.99 vanguard or the $350, which is called Vanguard Complete.

    so if I buy it online, do they mail it to me, or does the fact that its a plug in mean I download it, like I did for the demo. Cuz if they mail it to me I would rather see if I can get it at guitar center that way I don't have to wait for it. I want to get it tonight but not if they mail it to me...
  8. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    Ok, sorry for the confusion.
    The Complete Bundle seems to be Vanguard plus every sound-set that ReFx has come out with for it.
    I think it all comes down to your budget and how comfortable you are with tweaking & programming sounds.
    You could purchase the basic Vanguard and perhaps one or two soundsets (after listening to their previews on the ReFx website,) and have a good arsenal without spending the $350 price tag.
    If the money isn't an issue then I suppose you could buy the whole thing! Honestly, I think it's a little steep because I personally do not mind starting with a sound and tweaking it to be something else. I do not like to have too many presets. But that's me.:cool:
    There are also soundsets available for the Vanguard made by 3rd party programmers. (sorry, I'm not in front of my system right now but I can tell you I have paid decent prices for legit useful soundsets for Vanguard and other synths out on the innerwebz...

    As far as I remember, when you pay for Vanguard, the product downloads to your computer, soundsets & all. There are NO discs, no waiting for anything in the mail.
    You will need to run your AU Validator and possibly enter your license code when Logic opens it for the first time.
    I cannot remember if the license is a code or if it was an iLok License.
    I'm sure this info is listed on the purchase pages at ReFx...
    I remember I was up & running pretty quick when I purchased it.
    -I just purchased their Guitar Emulator "Slayer2" last month and it loaded up in minutes.
    NICE chunky guitar-synth, but I digress... :rolleyes:

    I do not know what your comfort level with programming or learning synths is.
    I would play it safe and get the Vanguard and perhaps an extra soundset or two as opposed to buying the whole Complete Bundle.
    It just seems like overkill to me.
    You will probably have very close to what you need and not spend so much.
    But really, only you can decide what you are comfortable with.
    Keep in mind that even with having every soundset available to you, you might still have to tweak some sounds to get them how you like.

    Peace. :hippy:
  9. charlie

    charlie Senior member

    By the way, I am listening to the Vanguard soundset demo called "Vengeance Part 2" which features an entire set of Trance Gate / Arp sounds.
    Seems like this set would be a great one to start with. :thmbup:
    It costs $39.99.

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