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Logic 9 How to add an upbeat to MIDI score?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by David51, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. David51

    David51 Senior member

    I have RTFM's and looked in Prischl, but I forgot to make room for the one part with an 8th note upbeat before bar one-the parts are almost all moused into the score. Any way to get that upbeat in the score anyone? Ishould know this by now, sorry-old brain.
  3. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    In sheet music, one thinks of this kind of upbeat as "before bar 1", but in Logic, it's best to always start your piece of music a bar or more after 1. This allows you to add in any automation or hyperdraw data before the piece starts and gives you leeway for this kind of problem.

    I *NEVER* start any project in bar 1......

    You could start before bar 1 and just begin playback at bar -1 if your need is to have the upbeat "before" bar 1. Just drag the song start thingy (forgotten its correct name- top left on the bar ruler) to the left.

    Or just move everything a bar later......
  4. muffinbutter

    muffinbutter New Member

    I have a similar question. Is there a way to insert a bar?
  5. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Upbeat in MIDI score?

    HI, I just added a measure by cutting the region and dragging the right side to the right well out of the way and pulling the length[NOT the loop thing on top but the u shaped thing lying on its' side ] of the right side of the new left region to add the bar that was missing. Then carefully drag the right part back to its' new position,it will read in the yellow box one bar later than before-you added a bar is why.
  6. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    1. Set the locators to one bar where you want space added.

    2. Go to:
    Arrange Window --> Region Menu --> Cut/Insert Time --> Insert silence between locators.
  7. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Thank you Colin for the help.I could set the song locators to start one bar before and your idea to start in bar two is helpful. I am now battling another problem-perhaps you know the answer. I have created 5 tracks in the arrange window, I have moused in the notes for track one, and I want to use Pete Thomas' combo re-mapper. That requires a 'new instrument' icon in the Environment. How do I route the track to the new instrument icon,or must I throw out what I have and start again by using the check box to have the new instrument icon as a separate, new track, to which I could drag the region already filled with notes to the new track?
  8. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    There's a simple way to do this:
    Make sure you have an Environment window and an Arrange window open.
    Just drag the New Instrument object from the Environment window across to the desired track in the Arrange window.
    The track will now be re-assigned to the New Instrument.
  9. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Thanks Colin, I thought you would know. How about changing the GM channel strip this creates into an instrument channel strip?
  10. Colin Shapiro

    Colin Shapiro Senior member

    I also posted this in another topic:

    You're getting a GM strip because when you create a New Instrument you get a MIDI instrument object. You must rather select local menu New/Channel Strip/Software Instrument

    If that option is greyed out, then you have Automatic Management enabled. You can then create a new track/instrument in the Arrange window by clicking on the [+] button and selecting the number of new software instrument tracks you desire. The same number of objects will be created in the Environment.

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