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How to choose Midi channel midi events will have? (and be shown in list view)

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by mixedup, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. mixedup

    mixedup New Member

    How to choose Midi channel midi events will have? (and be shown in list view)

    That is, in this case I am using FCP X as a midi editor with the end output of exporting a Midi File. (File Export Selection as Midi File)

    My issue is that I need to create midi files with the instruments being set to specific Midi Channels. So for example I want drums to be on Midi Channel 10. I'm trying to work out how to do this.

    If I go:
    * Track New SoftwareInstrument
    * In the mixing stripe choose Drum Kit
    * In the Midi Channel I change it from ALL to channel 10
    * Record some notes
    => In the list view they appear with "Ch" being 1 not 10???

    So questions is:
    * how to set a specific track in FCP which has Midi recorded on it so that the notes are coming out of a specific Midi channel number?
  3. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    If I understand what you did, setting the channel as you did determines what channel the MIDI will play back on, not much else.

    So my bet is you set the output of the track to channel 10, but that's all. Regardless of what it says in the list view, Logic would send the notes out on channel 10.

    Even so, if you select all the notes in the list view, you can click, hold, and drag up or down on the channel value on any of the notes, and this will change them all.

    But it's easier to use the channel strip settings to send the MIDI data to the right destination.
  4. mixedup

    mixedup New Member

    hi bayswater - I've discovered the "you can click, hold, and drag up or down on the channel value on any of the notes" which is a good start.

    What I would really like to achieve is to be able to set the midi channel that incoming events will be recorded as. So be able to:
    - connect the keyboard up to the computer
    - then select the Channel number I want the notes (say if I do nothing they appear in the List View on channel one, then let's assume I want to change this to channel 10)
    - then when I look in the List editor I'll see the notes with channel 10
    - This way when I export as midi the midi notes will have channel 10 as I require.

    I've trying setting the midi channel from ANY to "10" however this doesn't seem to do anything. After I record they still appear in the List Editor as channel "1" (not channel "10")
  5. bayswater

    bayswater Senior member

    Well, you might be able to do this, but I don't know how in Logic (or any other modern sequencer). Maybe something in the Environment would do it. I'm also unclear from your message whether you are exporting from FCP to Logic, or the other way around. If you're going from FCP to Logic, you should be able to just set the channel strip, and ignore the channel shown in list view.

    If you are exporting from Logic to FCP, does FCP not channelize MIDI on output? That would make it a bit of a dinosaur. With very old sequencers, the channel shown told you what channel the MIDI data came in on, and it was used to determine the playback channel, so you had to pay attention to it.

    Modern sequencers use the channel strip and track settings to determine playback channels and pretty much ignore the MIDI channel in the actual MIDI events. Some sequencers don't even keep the channel value.

    I routinely export MIDI from Logic to DP, and never look at channel info. If, for example, I bring a MIDI drum track into DP from Logic, I put it on a DP track that is set to play on a drum instrument. Because of tradition, that is likely to use channel 10, but whether or not the Note data show track 10 is irrelevant.

    Same thing if I export from DP to Logic. The events in Logic will show Channel 1. But I set the channel strip in logic to play back on Channel 10 to a drum instrument, so it doesn't matter.
  6. mixedup

    mixedup New Member

    oh sorry - that should have been Logic Pro X (not FCP X). Typo on my part... So in my case I'm exporting just as Midi (in Logic) and this is input to a software program I am writing myself. So really wanted to be able to edit want channels the Midi notes are on myself in Logic. Well as you pointed out I can modify the channels in the List Editor, but I was hoping for a way to set them to the channel I wanted as they are incoming, so I don't have to keep going back to the list editor to change the channels.
  7. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Logic should read the incoming MIDI channel data as it records MIDI. Set the MIDI channel that your keyboard is transmitting on to 10, and it should be captured in Logic with that MIDI channel info.

    The reason it is capturing it on MIDI channel 1 now is most likely because that is the channel your keyboard is set to transmit on. So, the adjustment needs to come from your keyboard, not Logic.

    Sure, there are ways of rigging up Environment transformers between the Physical Input and the Sequencer Input. But it's not necessary. Just set the MIDI channel on your keyboard before you record.
  8. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Eli is correct! The Sequencer Input records the MIDI Channel data as its original version (unless it has been transformed between the Physical Input & the Sequencer Input). I know that it is weird to switch back and forth the External Controller midi channel that's why I developed a few Logic Channel Switchers which are included into the Logic X Toolkit PRO.
    One of them is Pre-Sequencer Environment tool and can switch the Incoming MIDI Channel on the fly via Key Switches or Program Change, so Logic records the transformed data in real time. It is very convenient if you enabled "Autodemix by Midi Channel" and group armed ch.1-16 (Tracks 1-16 for example, where each Track is set to Ch1, Ch2, etc). For example if you cycle 10 Bars, you can press Ch.10 Key Switch to switch to the Drums Instrument and record some data. On the next cycle you press Key Switch Ch.2 (Bass) and record Bass. The midi regions will be autodemix to the correspondent Track after each cycle. All recorded data will be OK in the Event List matching the Track Channel assignment.
    Have a look at VIDEO 1 (time: 9:40) or VIDEO 2 (time: 9:00) where I demonstrate this Channel Switcher.

  9. mixedup

    mixedup New Member

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