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Logic 9 How to display timecode in external video

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by J-Freak, May 11, 2011.

  1. J-Freak

    J-Freak New Member

    is it possible to display the timecode (current position of the timeline) to the external video?

    I'm on a Mac(BookPro) 10.6.7 with Logic 9.1.3.

    I want to record "voice-over" to a video. The man in the studio has to see the current timecode.

    I have a DV-File in Logic. from there it goes out via Firewire (Canopus-box), into my "Unitor 8 MKII" (VITC Video-in via adapter) and then out (VITC out) to the TV in the record-booth.

    I see the video and the timecode, but the timecode is static at 00:00:00.00.

    Is there a way to let this timecode in the picture "sync" with the timeline?

    (I know, that I can burn in a timecode using Compressor, but that is only for worst case.)

    Thank you


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