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How to Install a "Bootable Mac OS 9.2.2"  in a "Mac G4 Bi-Pro 1,25 Ghz" ?

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by skaaalll, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. skaaalll

    skaaalll New Member

    Hi there !

    I would like to boot my "G4" with a "Mac OS.9.2.2"
    Maybe somebody here may help me to remember...

    Which  "Mac OS - DVD install" I need 
    to install a "Bootable Mac OS 9.2.2"  
    in a "Mac G4 Bi-Pro 1,25 Ghz" ?

    only "Mac OS 9.2.2" is able to run on this G4, not other OS.9...
  3. skaaalll

    skaaalll New Member

    N.B. : This "Mac G4 Bi-Pro 1,25 Ghz" is without FW-800 connexion :banana:
  4. willnubu

    willnubu Senior member

    If you have the install disc that came with classic application support on it. Install it on whatever OS X system came with the mac g4 (Mac 10.2 Jaquar), go to system preferences, go to start up disk, choose mac 9.2.2 as your start up disk, and when you restart your computer, mac 9.2.2 will be OS that will start up.
  5. grey412

    grey412 New Member

    On most G4's you need the Factory disc for the specific machine.
    there is a boot rom for each model. Then as stated above ,you will have the option to install and/or boot into OS9.
  6. skaaalll

    skaaalll New Member

    Thank You willnubu : )
    Thank You grey412 : )

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