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how to install logic pro x on second mac

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by chaijen, Apr 7, 2015.

  1. chaijen

    chaijen New Member

    hi i bought logic pro x and have it installed on a mbp .
    now i want to also install it on my mac pro 3.1 which has logic 9 on that i had bought a while ago.
    there is a apple support article that says you can install logic pro x on a second machine using Apple Remote desktop. However this is not a free software and i can find a detailed instruction manual.
    When i go on the appstore from the mac pro it does not offer me a logic x download, only if i buy it again.

    So how can i install logic pro x on a second machine without paying any extra pls?
  3. BenB

    BenB New Member

    No need. LPX is from the App Store, which means you can install it on as many Macs as you own, for personal use. On the new Mac, launch the App Store, sign in to your account. Go to the Purchased section, and next to LPX, to the right side, will be a button labeled "Install". Click it, let it go to town.

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