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Logic 9 how to keep same controll assigments

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by lupipe, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. lupipe

    lupipe New Member

    hi guys, I'm new here, so first HELLO! :)

    I use logic 9.1.5 on my macbook pro i5 and I use korg nano kontrol with it.
    Finally managed to setup control assigments to work nice with nanoKONTROL_CSPlugin...and I noticed now that controls are changing..what I mean is for example, if I open TRACK ONE and I assign channel 1 fader on first slider on my nano kontrol, and then I close that track and open TRACK TWO and assign channel 2 fader on first slider on my nano kontrol, when I open TRACK ONE again channel 2 fader will be on first slider on my nano kontrol, not channel 1 like it suposed to i want to know is there anyway to have separte controll assigments for each track like in ableton?

    many thx in forward ;)

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