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How to sync an external device?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by derajj, Feb 11, 2015.

  1. derajj

    derajj New Member

    How do I sync an external device's (for example Korg 01W ) audio to be in sync with an internal drum track in logic Pro X?

    I am recording a few single tracks from my Korg 01W FD to track in Logic Pro X. I have both midi in and out from logic to Korg connected.

    I Have set my Korg's Global Clock Source set to External.
    Recording and Playback is controlled by logic.

    But the recorded track timing is off (delayed) from other internal tracks.

    What I do now is manually trim the start from the recorded track and drag in forward to the correct start position with the drum track.

    But is there a way to set for both to always be in sync?
  3. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Sure. This Korg 01W is some sort of Synth Workstation (I do not own it)?
    If so, it can be Synced via Midi Clock. You must set the Logic Sync Settings to send Midi Clock and set the Korg 01W to wait for this or vice versa.
  4. derajj

    derajj New Member

    Ok Thank you for your reply.
    Korg01w is a music workstation with built in 16 track sequncer from the 90's i think.

    How do I set the Logic Sync Settings to send Midi Clock?
    The Korg 01W is set to receive Ext Clock. Logic is already controlling Korg01W's playback.
    When I play/record logic the Korg 01W sequencer starts to play but not in perfect sync it is slighty delayed. so the track recording is recorded with a slight delay.

    How do I get it both to play in sync?

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