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Discussion in 'Logic Wishlist' started by mk3, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    Here is a list of suggested bugfixes/improvements to HyperDraw:

    1. FEATURE: It's too tricky to control editing of multiple note velocities in the HyperDraw editor. At times, moving one note's velocity moves the group in a linear fashion, at other times some sort of proportional scaling of MIDI values occurs instead. The behaviour seems to depend on which note is
    dragged to moved the group, or perhaps on whether one clicks exactly on the note or a few pixels off. There should be a way to force the behaviour to work one way or the other (via a modifier key, perhaps).

    2. BUG: How to view the Hyper Draw data of multiple
    regions at once? The editor only shows the Hyper Draw info for the
    last (in temporal order) region of the multiple regions selected. The
    note events, however, appear for all the regions selected. This seems
    to be so inconsistent, that I can only think it's a new bug. L7 made
    more sense here, if memory serves.

    3. BUG: Sometimes the velocities don't show at all in the HyperDraw area for a region. Hiding and showing the HyperDraw area again usually fixes this, but that's rather tedious and unnecessary.

    4. FEATURE: Is it possible to make the HyperDraw view default to Channel "any" instead of "1"?

    5. QUERY: What on earth are the HyperDraw keyboard shortcuts (for example, HyperDraw: Velocity) supposed to do? I would expect these would change the view in the HyperDraw window. Instead, they only seem to affect the mini-view of the regions in the Arrange window (another pet peeve: bring back the option for the mini-Notation view! or at least make the mini-Piano Roll view visible with short note lengths, instead of appearing to be an empty region).

  3. mk3

    mk3 Senior member

    A bit of self follow-up:

    Apparently this is related to the MIDI channel. If the HyperDraw view MIDI channel differs from that set for the MIDI data of a given region (check the MIDI in the Event list to ascertain), then the data will not show in the HyperDraw window.

    All the more reason why point 4 would be essential below:

    After a bit of experimenting, apparently the functionality depends on which window is active. By clicking in the Piano Roll area, for example, and then using the shortcut, the HyperDraw data is set accordingly. By clicking in the Arrange window, then using the shortcut, the mini view of the Region is set.


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