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Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by AddictedToLogic, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. AddictedToLogic

    AddictedToLogic New Member

    Hi logic community. Long time user here since emagic logic versions. I have been using custom I/O labels and am wondering if there is some sort of way I can save IO names of busses from project to project. I use Pro Tools and there's a great simple feature that allows you to save the I/O names of busses for each project you work on. Is there a logic equivalent to this? I truly appreciate any suggestions and help on this subject!

    2.) When I was using logic on my old G5 Quad running tiger and logic 8 the plug in windows would snap together when they were close to each other, I know this is a small gripe but was a feature I liked, how can I re-enable this feature in logic 9? Thanks again I appreciate your feedback!

  3. paulnajar

    paulnajar Senior member

    There are I o labels under the options menu in Logics mixer. You can custom name buses here as well. Is that what you mean?
  4. Ginger

    Ginger Member

    The file defining your I/O labels is called "IOLabels Core Audio" and can be found in the user Library (Application Support>Logic). The only way to get what you want in Logic, is to have several I/O label files in that folder, and rename the file you want to use into "IOLabels Core Audio" whenever you want Logic to use those labels.

    In order to get what you want, I guess a "Use for this project only" feature would need to be added to the I/O label function. Alternatively, the default could be to use I/O labels for the current project only, and a "Save as default" could allow all projects to use the default set. Or - a combination of these: Logic could use the default set unless a unique set of labels for the current project has been made.
  5. AddictedToLogic

    AddictedToLogic New Member

    Top tip Ginger! Thanks man clever idea, I appreciate it!


    Did anybody figure out why logic doesn't do the window snapping feature like logic 8 used to do?

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