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I will pay you to beatmap a tune for me

Discussion in 'Services offered' started by Boboso, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Boboso

    Boboso New Member

    I have an multi track live recording of a Christian praise song that needs to be revised so that the metronome beat follows the drum track. The goal is to be able to add tracks and quantize them to the drum track/metronome. It's mainly drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, and a couple of singers. Below is a link to a rough mix if you want to hear what the starting point sounds like.

    Then I might some assistance in the mixing and mastering process.

    This is a learning process for me. I have lots of DAW experience, but it was Cakewalk.

    I'm willing to pay for your help and tutoring. I can load the files or package onto a cloud storage account I have and provide you with access.

    If you are interested in taking this on, please respond including how you plan to charge me for your help on this project. Here's the link which I think now works.

    When you respond please indicate how you will charge me. If you have a good history and rep here I'm not above fronting you some $ to show I also am to be trusted.
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  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    1. You posted in the right place.

    2. Please tell which Logic version you are using.

    3. I think "beatmapping" is not what you mean. Beatmapping would change the timeline according to existing tracks. It is used to produce tempo changes, normally for instruments tracks with notes on them. I guess you rather mean that your audio tracks should match the given tempo, beat and groove better. This is done by "Flex" in Logic, basically something like elastic audio and only available in newer Logic versions.

    4. Your Soundcloud link does not work, it leads just to a common page there.
  4. EastWest Lurker

    EastWest Lurker Senior member

    Peter, I think he got it right when he said beat mapping.
    The piece "needs to be revised so that the metronome beat follows the drum track."

    That is beat mapping.
  5. Boboso

    Boboso New Member


    What I want to do is bring in an amateur guitar player and after it records bend back to the beat. (He rushes a bit). So whatever will get me there is what I want.
  6. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, he edited his post to make it more clear.
    Now he is right and I am wrong. That's life :)
    It is beatmapping.

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