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Logic 9 IAC MTC Pro Tools 8 sync to Logic 9 not stable

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by timsen, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. timsen

    timsen New Member

    Hi there,

    after spending much time on syncing Pro Tools to Logic (2 Computers: Imac 3.06, Macbook 2 Ghz) via Ethernet I found Logic running not stable. Pro Tools runs perfect:
    If you look at Logic´s time line pointer it hicks up in a certain rhythm. Maybe a feed back loop somewhere in the chain?

    My tries:
    I use Audio Midi Setup and connected both Computers via IAC Bus 1
    I tried different sync settings in Logic, repeated the setting up of the IAC Bus and deleted the coreMIDI Driver which didn´t response after launching Logic.
    I also updated to Logic 9.1.

    Like always the solution will be simple, but the hard thing is where to find it

    Thanks very much
    Best Regards
  3. maxim

    maxim New Member

    Hi Tim,

    easiest would be to set Logic to be the master - it was always as bit tricky acting in sync as slave.

    If this is not possible, check the latency indicator in Audio MIDI Setup where you set up your Ethernet connection between the devices. If you have "hickups" this can mean that the timecode is not being sent smoothly and this will be shown with noticeable latency in that Ethernet connection window. But I must say I never used the IAC because I had two Logic machines to sync and for this you don't need IAC.

    Also, in Logics sync settings the sync mode should be set to "MTC Trigger".

    Also, an audio buffer set too large in Logic will make Logic lag more.

    Is the frame rate set identical on both machines ??

  4. timsen

    timsen New Member

    Hi Maxim,

    thanks very much for your info!!!!
    Yes the sampling and frame rate are all the same. I tried to set the offset via Audio Midi Setup, but didn´t recognize no audible changes on both instances.

    I don´t really know if Pro Tools Syncs to MTC as slave. I read that this would not be possible????

    The hickups are gone by figuring out, that I doubled the incoming MTC. As it seems Logic rcognizes any incoming Midi Signal without no real need to configure (AudioMIdiSetup --> Live Routings). But I didn´t really understand where it receives the incoming MTC then.

    How do you sync both Logics (Logic Node, I guess)

    You´re right with the Buffer Size, but at least I need full horsepower on MIDI and VI´s at the end of my Procts. On the other hand.

    Perhaps it´s is a good idea of freezing when using low values on buffer size

    If you have some suggestions on the whole thing, don´t mind to let me know.

    Best regards
  5. maxim

    maxim New Member


    Pro Tools does sync as slave, otherwise it would not be suited for classic sound-to-picture. I've done this every day while I was working in some video house but I think you need the dedicated Sync Module from PT which is (like all from Digidesign) expensive as hell ( But maybe the newer PT versions (I was back on 6 then) will allow this In-The-Box so to say.

    Check out this:

    more detailed than I could post here,

    good luck

  6. timsen

    timsen New Member

    Hi Maxim,

    Thx for your experienced help. I have to check it out the next days. I´d like to give you a report then. I would love to work on both platforms

  7. timsen

    timsen New Member

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